list of top staffing firms in india

List of the Best Staffing Firms in India

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    Reflik is a crowdsourcing HR platform based in Somerset, New Jersey. Founded in 2014, they have about 150 employees that work with the business services, financial services, IT, manufacturing, and retail industries. They specialize in human resources consulting and outsourcing.

    Notable Project

    Reflik provides recruiting and pre-screening for a chemical manufacturing firm. The client's hiring process was becoming a challenge to manage in-house, and they wanted to bring staff on board in a more timely manner. Reflik eliminated a considerable share of unqualified applicants before they reached the client's desk, and provided highly targeted job marketing to appeal to the right candidates.

    "I love their platform and services. They give me a small summary of all the information I need to make a decision when I receive a resume. I can send invites from the platform to the candidate and also have it go to my Outlook." — HR Director, Chemical Manufacturing Firm

    Former Clients
    John Hancock Financial
    MGM Resorts International
    $ $ $ $ $


    group51 - 250 Employees
    place Somerset , NJ

    New Jersey Tech Council Investor's Choice Award (2018)

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    Diskriter is a business conglomerate headquartered in Pittsburgh, with offices in New Delhi, India and all over the United States. Founded in 1947, Diskriter's team of 69 employees provides web development, digital strategy, marketing strategy, HR consulting and outsourcing, and IT managed services.

    Notable Project

    Diskriter worked with a landscaping company to assist it in establishing a digital presence. To do so, Diskriter updated the client's social media handles and modernized its website using PHP and HTML. Diskriter also created and ensured that the client's Facebook campaign, LinkedIn promotions, and Google AdWords campaign were running smoothly – all of which provided leads and improved the client's ROI.

    "Within 2 months, they were able to complete the project, including the marketing activity for which they also do the weekly reporting." – Supervisor, Landscaping Company

    Former Clients
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $10,000+
    group51 - 250 Employees
    place Kenai , AK
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    Adecco is an HR solutions company based in Zurich, Switzerland, with additional offices in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, and India. It was founded in 1996 and currently employs a team of 33,000 specialists who exclusively provide HR consulting and outsourcing services.

    Notable Project

    Adecco helped a media company staff their team and advised them on how to avoid bad hiring decisions, lost time, and wasted resources.

    "They are really wonderful." — IT Manager, Media Company

    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group10,000+ Employees
    place Zurich , Switzerland
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    Srisys Inc

    Founded in 2001, Srisys Inc is an IT consulting and software development firm. Srisys Inc’s 65 employees can be found in its West Chester, Ohio headquarters or its additional offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and India. Srisys Inc provides voice/call center services, BPO and back office services, and HR consulting and outsourcing to the government and consumer and financial services companies.  

    Notable Project

    Srisys Inc worked with a healthcare company to implement a back office, data entry service. The service allows the company's medical professionals to spend more time focusing on their duties, rather than worrying about patient files.

    “Their [Srisys Inc’s] customer service is a huge strength of theirs. It is number one.” — Employee, Healthcare Company

    Former Clients
    Cincinnati Parks
    Defense Finance and Accounting Service
    Elegant Nail & Beauty Supply
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group51 - 250 Employees
    place West Chester , OH
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    Kelly Services

    Kelly Services is a human resources outsourcing firm headquartered in Troy, Mich., with 15 global offices throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Established in 1946, Kelly Services has grown into a team of over 10,000 employees. Their services revolve entirely around HR consulting and outsourcing. Kelly Services partners with a diverse client base that includes prominent global firms.

    Notable Project

    Kelly Services provides staffing and payroll management for an educational product firm in California. The client found their internal HR team to be inefficient and hired Kelly Services to save time and money. Kelly Services' work has eliminated clerical and administrative errors from the client's workflow, increasing effectiveness and providing strong value on their price.

    "I could not put a value on the time Kelly Services saves us." — HR Associate, Educational Products Firm

    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group10,000+ Employees
    place Troy , MI
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    Bodhi Global Solutions (BGS)

    Bodhi Global Solutions is a consulting company based in Princeton, New Jersey. They have about 20 employees that focus on the healtchcare, consumer products, and manufacturing industries. They provide non-voice BPO/back office services, voice services, and HR consulting & outsourcing capabilities.

    Notable Project

    Bodhi Global Solutions handled administrative and legal processes for a manufacturing company. They handled over 70% of the client's administrative work from legal process outsourcing and litigation support, to contract and document review and management, among other services.

    "Their strengths are quality, fast performance, rapid adaptability with the working group, and a great analysis of the information." — Director, Manufacturing Company

    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group2 - 10 Employees
    place Princeton , NJ
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