Why Become a Sponsor?

To feature your company at the top of our top company articles. Increase your company's visibility to buyers seeking your services and attract more leads.


Who's Eligible for Sponsorship?

To sponsor a top company article on The Manifest, companies must:

  1. Have a company profile on Clutch
  2. Have client reviews on Clutch
  3. Perform well in Clutch research

Get Listed on Clutch and The Manifest


How Does My Company Become a Sponsor on The Manifest?

  1. Choose your Sponsorship plan.
  2. In the payment section, select the page you want to sponsor on The Manifest.


If My Company Is a Sponsor on Clutch, Does It Automatically Become a Sponsor on The Manifest?

No. Sponsorship on The Manifest is separate from Clutch.


How Are Companies Ordered on Top Company Pages?

Sponsors show up first based on their sponsorship tier. For example, Sponsors with a higher tier, such as Silver, show up before Sponsors with a lower tier, such as Bronze.

Non-sponsoring companies follow and are ordered by The Manifest rank.


How Can I Tell If a Company Is a Sponsor?

Sponsors are marked with a flag and the label, "Sponsored."


How Much Does Sponsorship Cost?

Pricing aligns with Sponsorship on Clutch.


If I Have Questions or Want a Consultation, What Should I Do?

Email [email protected].