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Siri and Alexa Fails: Frustrations With Voice Search
by Toby Cox January 2020

Voice search capabilities change the way people can look for things online, but this technology is far from perfect.

Voice technology changes the way we interact with our devices and search for things online.

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It’s official: Instagram is nixing public “like” counts in the U.S., and people have mixed opinions about the platform’s decision, according to a new survey from The Manifest.

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Top 6 GDPR Compliance Stumbling Blocks and Possible Solutions
by Sophia Nora January 2020

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is vital for any business that is directly or indirectly involved in business activities in Europe and uses the personal information of the residents.

This article discusses how the blend of IoT and AI can be the catalyst for business modernization and helping organizations reach new heights through intelligent decision making, increased operatio

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Referral programs are an effective way to create positive growth for your company. By implementing a referral guide, you can grow your customer base and your revenue.

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list mobile app developers in new york

With about 90% of time on mobile spent in apps, investing in a mobile app for your business may help attract customers an

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As mobile solutions become increasingly vital to business success, your choice of app developer carries added significance.

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As mobile app usage continues to climb, iOS solutions are increasingly critical to strategic business growth.

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