List of voice services companies in Washington D.C.

List of the top voice services companies in Washington, D.C.

What are the best voice services companies in Washington, D.C.?

As your business grows, so does its need to handle all of its lines of communication. Investing in a call center can greatly assist your business’s workflow, allowing your employees to devote time to tasks other than answering phone calls.

But, you don’t want just any call center managing your business’s phones — you want a trustworthy, competent, and professional call center.

We’re here to help you find that. Below is our list of the top call centers in Washington, D.C. Investigate their descriptions, notable projects, and former clients for yourself to make an informed decision on which call center will best serve your company’s needs.  

  • 1


    CodeWave is an IT services company of around 10 employees, established in 2008. They are headquartered in Krakow, Poland, with a second location in Lewes, Del. They offer development in custom software, web, and mobile apps. They primarily serve enterprise and midmarket businesses in the IT industry.

    Notable Project

    CodeWave updated a multi-localization, multi-language CMS and established a workflow for an advertising agency. Using Symfony on the backend and Bootstrap on the frontend, they fulfilled all the project expectations. The work is ongoing, with the team introducing new apps into the system. The client is pleased with their innovative and cost-effective solutions.

    “They were always on top of the project, even when things were changing constantly.” – Technology Director, Advertising Agency  

    Former Clients
    Warner Brothers
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $25,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Lewes , DE
  • 2


    Leadium is a voice services firm based in Alexandria, Va., with an additional office in Kiev, Ukraine. Founded in 2016, the team of 100 specializes in email marketing, market research and CRM consulting and SI. They work primarily with small business clients, mostly in the IT industry.

    Notable Project

    Leadium worked on Lead Generation for a startup incubator. They conducted market research to identify target audiences and drive leads for third-party startup partners. In addition, the team structured an outreach program that booked appointments and launched outbound sales. Overall, the client was impressed with Leadium's work. 

    “We saw immediate returns in the form of responses and appointments, and we continue to receive strong leads. Multiple appointments are coming in each week. Leadium conducts ongoing research to expand our target audience and identify proper leads.” – Co-Founder, Startup Incubator

    Former Clients
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group51 - 250 Employees
    place Alexandria , VA
  • 3

    Direct Answer Inc.

    Direct Answer is a full-service e-commerce logistics and support firm in Oxon Hill, Md. Founded in 1991, they have about 8 employees that serve a range of clients in a variety of sectors. Direct Answer provides voice services and non-voice BPO.

    Notable Project

    Direct Answer provides outbound and inbound donation generation and processing for an international human rights organization. The client's annual drive requires them to temporarily scale up a great deal, and Direct Answer demonstrated supplemented resources successfully. In addition to sending direct mail and making calls, Direct Answer provided accounting services. 

    "Though we’re a mid-sized organization, we were sometimes too small for an agency to take on as a client. When we eventually contacted Direct Answer, we found them personable, thoughtful, and excited to work with us." — Donor Stewardship Officer, Human Rights Organization

    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Oxon Hill , MD
  • 4

    Hat Factory Design

    Hat Factory Design is a New York-based digital design lab. They were founded in 2017 and have a team of 5 employees. With an additional office in Richmond, Va., they specialize in web, product, and UX/UI design for small business and midmarket clients in the hospitality, eCommerce, and business services industries.

    Notable Project

    Hat Factory Design built a website for a children’s theater company. They designed the website to be interesting to children but still useful to adults. They also used SEO practices to bring traffic to the site and included a payment portal. The client was impressed by their commitment to the theater company’s brand and vision. 

    “We're happy with their work, communication, and flexibility. They've produced a website we're all proud of.” – Co-Founder, Children’s Theater Company  

    Former Clients
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $10,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place New York , NY
  • 5

    A&A Communications

    A&A Communications is a voice services outsourcing firm based in Silver Spring, Md. Founded in 1979, they have about 50 employees and provides services to a relatively diverse client base. They specialize in voice support, including answering and virtual receptionist packages.

    Notable Project

    A&A Communications provides seasonal and need-based lead generation for a nonprofit. The client handles nearly 100 outbound calls a day and needed comprehensive support without paying overhead costs on space and labor. Their services proved effective and saved the client around $1,000 monthly.

    "Their proven and documented system has saved us a lot of time, energy and money over the years." — Business Development Executive, Non-profit Organization

    Former Clients
    Chatel Real Estate
    Mona Electric
    Mobile Medical Imaging
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Silver Spring , MD
  • 6

    Bay Business Group

    Bay Business Group is a voice services firm based in Falls Church, Va. The team of 12 specializes in FAO, non-voice BPO/back office services and voice services. They work with clients primarily in the non-profit industry.

    Notable Project

    Bay Business Group worked on payment processing for an IT company. The client was appreciative of their work throughout the project.

    “This service is necessary for the company, and we are very satisfied. It helps us save time and money.” – Director, IT Company

    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Falls Church , VA
  • 7


    BrightKey is a voice services company based in Annapolis, Md. The team of over 100 employees has specialized in voice services since 1988. They work with clients primarily in the government, non-profit and manufacturing industries.

    Former Clients
    Office Depot
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group251 - 1,000 Employees
    place Annapolis Junction , MD
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