List of the Best Naming Firms in Minneapolis

Here is a List of the Best Naming Firms in Minneapolis

Do you want to find the best naming agency for your company in Minneapolis?

Naming agencies can play a crucial part in helping a company find their corporate identity.

Hire some extra brain power for creative ideas and a new perspective when naming your startup. 

We compiled a shortlist of the top naming agencies based in the Minneapolis area. Take a look at the agencies and their backgrounds to pick the right one for your business. 

  • 1

    Agency Squid

    Agency Squid is a marketing and advertising firm that is based in Minneapolis. Founded in 2015, Agency Squid's team of 3 employees specialize in digital strategy, advertising, and branding. The firm primarily works with small businesses but has experience working with mid-market sizes businesses as well. 

    Notable Project

    Agency Squid was tasked with redesigning an outdated website for a water purification company. Using WordPress, the team at Agency Squid equipped this new website with photographs, new web copy, and a redesigned logo. The client was very impressed with the team at Agency Squid. 

    "Their [Agency Squid's] attention to detail, knowledge of our industry, and almost immediate understanding of our needs as a client was highly impressive." – Sales and Operations Lead, Water Purification Company 

    Former Clients
    Mike's;Hard Lemonade
    American Gem Trade Association
    White Claw Spiked Seltzer
    Arctic Cat
    $ $ $ $ $


    group2 - 10 Employees
    place Minneapolis , MN
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    Ideas that Kick

    Based in Minneapolis, Minn., Ideas that Kick is a brand strategy, branding, and design agency that specializes in servicing small businesses and midmarket companies across a variety of industries. Founded in 2001, its teams of over ten experts all work with clients to follow an organized branding journey from start to finish.

    Notable Project

    Partnering with a regional opera company, Ideas that Kick provided extensive marketing research and industry insights to define a new target audience demographic while retaining their existing base. Ideas that Kick then worked to help with a complete rebranding operation. They brainstormed and implemented a strategy that featured messaging, logo design, and a total UX/UI redesign for an existing site. 

    “[Ideas That Kick] guided us through the process while allowing us to be imaginative in our approach.”  - CMO, Regional Opera Company 

    Former Clients
    Becton Dickinson
    Deckers Brands
    Oxbow Animal Health
    Tone It Up
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $25,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Minneapolis , MN
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    Based in Denver, CO, BrandJuice is a strategic agency that was founded in 1999. The team of over 20 employees specializes in branding, marketing strategy, advertising, and video production. The company's industry focus spans business services, consumer products, and the healthcare and medical field. 

    Notable Project

    BrandJuice helped a medical company with their messaging in order to stand out from competitors. This included focusing their brand and designing a website. The work BrandJuice has done has attracted new customers and has lead to positive feedback.

    "They [BrandJuice] do a really good job of understanding the audience that we're working towards. They always took our feedback with class. Every time we pushed back and asked for more, they exceeded our expectations in the product that came after."- Chief Operating Officer, Medical Company

    Former Clients
    Procter & Gamble
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $75,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Denver , CO
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    Speak! is a brand innovation agency with about 18 employees between its headquartered in Hillsboro, Oreg. headquarters and Minneapolis, Minn. office. They mostly work with midmarket businesses in the energy and IT sectors. Services include branding, web design, and content marketing services. 

    Notable Project

    Speak! was hired by a microbrewery to rework and expand its branding and distribution campaigns. The partnership mostly entailed competition research, audience targeting, and logo and print design.

    "They're very methodical in scoping out their work."  – VP of Board, Microbrewery

    Former Clients
    Open Sesame
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $5,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Hillsboro , OR

     Silver Edison Award Innovative Services – Business Optimization (2014), Bronze Best Publication for a Mobile Device by Content Marketing Institute (2012)

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    Pollywog is a naming agency founded in 2007. Pollywog is headquartered in Minneapolis and has fewer than 5 employees who specialize in branding.
    Notable Project

    An animal adoption nonprofit hired Pollywog to name its mobile veterinary service for pet owners. Pollywog completed market research and met with stakeholders during the research process. Due to the limited financial resources available, Pollywog proposed a name that used humor would attract attention and ensure that the new service would be sustainable. The client especially appreciated Pollywog's existing interest in and support for animal welfare.

    "The brand’s success led to partnerships with other local organizations and non-profits. It has been 11 years since the initial launch, and the enterprise is still helping prevent pet overpopulation in Minneapolis and St. Paul." - Marketing & Communication Manager, Animal Adoption Nonprofit

    Former Clients
    General Mills
    Think Small
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $5,000+
    group2 - 10 Employees
    place Minneapolis , MN
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    Morsekode is a creative agency founded in 2002. Based in Minneapolis, Morsekode's team of 37 employees has nearly two decades of experience in video production, content creation, advertising, and marketing strategy. The firm primarily works with mid-market and small businesses. 

    Notable Project

    Morsekode provided rebranding services for a non-profit organization. In order to meet the client's needs, its team conducted a competitive analysis to develop a tailored branding strategy. They coordinated internal workshops, created a manifesto video, and wrote a final strategy for the organization for implementation. Morsekode actively listened to the client to deliver customized, high-quality solutions.

    "The biggest thing for us was how well Morsekode listened to us. The end product we got is quality work. "-Director of Marketing and Communications, Non-Profit Organization 

    Former Clients
    The Salvation Army
    Great Lakes Higher Education
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $10,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Minneapolis , MN