list of ai developers in the united kingdom

This is the List of the Best Artificial Intelligence Developers in the UK

Looking for a list of AI developers you can trust in the U.K.?

Use this guide to find the best artificial intelligence company for your business' needs.

AI can add efficiency to your business processes or appeal to your products. The U.K. is at the forefront of artificial intelligence expertise, but choosing the best provider for your needs is challenging. 

That's why we created this list: Use it to review descriptions of each company, their services focus, examples of former projects and clients, price, location, and more. 

  • 1

    Beyond Analysis

    Beyond Analysis is a marketing and advertising firm that has offices in Wimbledon, United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2007, Beyond Analysis's team of just over 20 employees has over a decade of experience specializing in big data consulting/SI. The firm also offers artificial intelligence and marketing research services to its clients.   

    Notable Project

    Beyond Analysis provided strategic and analytical consulting services to a holiday company. The client wanted to use data to understand and draw insights about their organization's customers, so Beyond Analysis researched strategies such as target audience analysis and brand evaluation to best position the project. The firm also used strategies like data mining. Beyond Analysis successfully developed a model that met the client's needs. The client was impressed with Beyond Analysis's flexibility and organization throughout the project. 

    "They were very organized. There were no surprises, and they were flexible and adaptable. We work in a very agile way in the digital product development area, with full end-to-end continuous delivery. They really adapted to working with us in that space very well as they have an agile mindset."-IT Director, Holiday Company 

    Former Clients
    Pret a Manager
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $25,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place London , United Kingdom
  • 2


    Unicsoft is a software development agency based in Kiev, Ukraine. Founded in 2005, they have about 50 employees. Their service options include web and mobile application development, predictive analytics, ICO/Cryptocurrency solutions, and custom software.

    Notable Project

    Unicsoft developed native Android and iOS applications for a network security startup. The end-clients are software developers and system administrators, and the startup needed sophisticated programming expertise. They produced technical specifications and integrated security features into the UX. The client reported that their technical expertise and communication skills exceeded their expectations.

    "Unicsoft was able to quickly work with us to define the necessary product and functionality and then dive in." - Founder, Security Startup

    Former Clients
    ZZ Wolf
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $5,000+
    group51 - 250 Employees
    place Kiev , Ukraine
  • 3

    MTR Design

    MTR Design, established in 2005, is a web development firm based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has about 15 employees. MTR design specializes in web development, but also provides artificial intelligence, web design, and custom software design.

    Notable Project

    An American online marketing firm hired MTR design to develop a new digital advertising platform. The client was satisfied with MTR's communication efforts and project management skills.

    "The platform MTR helped us develop is currently being used by thousands of websites and has attracted top Fortune 500 companies. We have more than 6 million clicks a day and are now also entering the mobile app world." - Director of Business Development, US Marketing Firm

    Former Clients
    Newlyn School of Art
    Optimal Fusion
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $10,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Kent , United Kingdom
  • 4


    Stermedia is a software development agency based in Wroclaw, Poland, with additional locations in the UK and the United States. Since 2007, their team of just over 40 has provided artificial intelligence, custom software, web, and mobile app development, web design services, and more.

    Notable Project

    Stermedia developed a platform using a Python-based algorithm to help a medical diagnosis platform to determine the ratio between healthy and cancerous cells in samples. The program simplified the client’s analysis process and reduced the number of human resources necessary to manage their workflow.

    “They have the ability to provide both development and machine learning services. Whenever we had a problem, we could reach out to a member who had either a mathematical or machine learning background.” — Co-Founder, Medical Diagnosis Platform

    Former Clients
    Family Fabric
    General Electric Power
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $10,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Virginia Beach , VA
  • 5

    The Bot Forge

    The Bot Forge is a chatbot agency that was founded in 2018. Located in Aylesbury, U.K., they have a small team of less than 10 employees who offer custom software development and AI services. They provide services to small and midmarket businesses in the financial, business, and IT industries.   

    Notable Project

    The Bot Forge provided web development for a digital engagements solutions company. They built a web portal and a platform to manage chatbots for their client. The client was then able to offer bots to multiple clients without having to individually create them. 

    “We’re happy with their work, and they’ve fixed any bugs in a timely manner.” – Managing Director, Digital Engagements Solutions Company  

    Former Clients
    Clifford Chance LLP
    Human Race
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $1,000+
    group2 - 10 Employees
    place Waddesdon , United Kingdom
  • 6


    Postindustria is a development agency headquartered in Richmond, UK, with additional locations in Ukraine and Montenegro. Since 2006, the team of just over 70 has provided web and mobile app development, web design, UX/UI design, application testing services, and more to mainly mid-sized clients. 

    Notable Project

    Postindustria developed a website and several applications for a lighting solutions company that connected to their internal savings calculator. The platforms feature a special UX strategy to engage users.

    "We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on our website and our savings calculator. It’s been only a pleasure working with them. They’ve provided a ton of support and overall guidance." — CEO, Lighting Solutions Company

    Former Clients
    TD Bank
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $25,000+
    group51 - 250 Employees
    place Surrey , United Kingdom
  • 7


    Web outsourcing agency nsjsoftware is based in Palsana, India with an office in London. Their small team of 3 has been specializing in web design and development, e-commerce development, mobile app development, and more since 2017. 

    Notable Project

    nsjsoftware built a booking portal for a hotel chain. Along with the portal, they also developed an Android app that could be used on the go. The highly secure portal allows users to book rooms and more. Their sales have increased over 50% since the launch. 

    "Our portal was developed and launched two weeks early, which made us happy, and our sales increased by almost 57% in the first quarter. That’s an extremely good result." — Technical Head, Hotel Chain 

    Former Clients
    Ja Rentals
    $ $ $ $ $
    equalizer $5,000+
    group11 - 50 Employees
    place Palsana , India
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