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List of the Best Startups Advertising Companies

  • 1
    50 - 249 Employees
    San Francisco CA

    Metric Theory is a San Francisco-based digital marketing agency. Since founding in 2012, they've grown to over 60 employees with experience working with over 230 clients. They have experience with every type of marketing issue for clients that range from small business to large e-commerce firms. They specialize in PPC, digital strategy, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and mobile marketing.  

    Notable Project

    A software company hired Metric Theory to build out long-tail keyword campaigns. Metric Theory expanded their campaigns on a global scale by creating keyword lists in Spanish, German, Italian, and French. They've also adjusted their landing pages, copy, and keyword negatives to drive higher-quality leads. 

    "They're constantly coming up with ideas for new keywords and new campaigns as if they were looking at our website every day and trying to figure out what we could be ranking for but aren't. I haven't seen this constant focus and analysis from other agencies." – Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Operations, Software Company

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  • 2
    10 - 49 Employees
    Atlanta GA

    Based in Birmingham, Ala., SociallyIN is a social media agency that helps businesses create content and develop social media strategies. With a team of fewer than 50, this agency services a range of clients across multiple industries.

    Dicks Sporting Goods
    TGI Fridays
    Notable Project

    A wine business hired SociallyIN to help boost customer engagement. They created software that connects wine drinkers with wineries by marking corks with unique identifiers. The software reads the markings on the corks and provides customers with information about the wine.

    “They [SociallyIN] can deliver on their promises. Despite the level of complexity and novelty of this project, they were able to complete the task within the constraints, which is a difficult thing to do.” – Co-Owner, Wine Business

  • 3
    10 - 49 Employees
    Philadelphia PA

    Brolik is a digital marketing agency located in Philadelphia, Pa. Brolik was founded in 2004 and has a team of around 15 employees who specialize in digital strategy, web design, and web development for small and midmarket businesses.

    MLS Players Association
    Penn Law
    Notable Project

    A real estate startup hired Brolik for assistance with branding and digital marketing. After a discovery phase, Brolik helped the client hone their target audience and provided website copy, web design, and social media strategy. The client appreciated Brolik's ability to understand and enhance their brand by developing thoughtful audience personas.

    "The messaging on the website and the customer communication had evolved us from tacky startup messaging into a real company that is more trustworthy." - Director, Real Estate Startup

  • 4
    2 - 9 Employees
    Oceanside CA

    HypeLife is a brand development and precision marketing agency based in San Diego, CA. It focuses mainly on small businesses, with some midmarket and enterprise clients. Established in 2001, HypeLife maintains a small team of fewer than 10 employees.

    [adult swim]
    HUDL Music
    Epitaph Records
    American Greetings
    Notable Project

    HypeLife works with a board sports company to provide branding and social media marketing services, both of whch are targeted to appeal to millennials. HypeLife built an audience, created a new website, helped with email marketing campaigns, and now serves as the client's brand manager. The team’s efforts yielded a 35% increase in social media followers over the past 12 months.

    “With HypeLife as our brand manager, life has been so much easier.”  - Owner, Board Sport Company 

  • 5
    10 - 49 Employees
    New York NY

    NYC based digital design agency, Crafted, works small and midmarket businesses in the business services, real estate, retail, advertising, and arts industries. SInce 2011, the team of 50 have worked providing clients with web design, branding, advertising, SEO, web development, and digital strategy services.

    New York Times
    Tishman Speyer
    Revolt TV
    Notable Project

    An electric tool repair company partnered with Crafted to design and develop a website for their customers. They provided the client with design, development, branding, and SEO services to reach the client’s customers. 

    “The project has improved our business one thousand percent. Being on the internet has changed everything for us. The website they delivered was great.” – Owner, Tool Repair Company

  • 6
    10 - 49 Employees
    Manhattan Beach CA

    Isadora Agency is a California-based digital agency founded in 2009. Their team works with enterprise clients on their UX design systems, design, development, and branding needs.

    McKinsey & Company
    Honest Company
    Notable Project

    Isadora Agency developed a website focused on employee benefits for a Fortune 500 media group. Isadora began their work by assessing the company's existing site and researching how other companies designed sites geared toward employee benefits. They created a new look for the site creating all designs from scratch and integrating with WordPress, which ultimately helped form a new strategic marketing tool.

    "They’ve empowered us to use innovative designs to communicate and maintain our website, brand and identity. Going forward, any email we send out and any PowerPoint we present will have the new aesthetics." – SVP, Media Company

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