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6 Tips To Effectively Use Live Chat as a Lead-Generating Tool

6 Tips To Effectively Use Live Chat as a Lead-Generating Tool

6 Tips To Effectively Use Live Chat as a Lead-Generating Tool

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Website visitors increasingly expect live chat to be present on websites. Use these 6 tips to effectively leverage live chat as a lead-generating tool.

In a digital world, using live chat as a customer service tool makes more sense than ever. In fact, nearly two-thirds (62%) of site visitors from mobile devices expect live chat to be present on websites.

Interestingly, live chat deployment is not limited to customer service. Studies show that the presence of live chat software on a website also has a tremendous impact on sales. More than three-quarters (77%) of customers won’t consider purchasing on a website without a live chat option. 

Moreover, live chat is a great customer retention tool. Research by eMarketer found that 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

The mounting evidence that live chat is an effective lead-generating tool makes it imperative for businesses to implement live chat technology.

Here are some tips that your business can use to implement a lead-generating live chat tool.

1. Use Live Chat to Solve Real-Time Sales Queries

Live chat can reduce customers’ waiting time to less than 30 seconds. How? Live chat instantly gives answers to customers’ sales queries, motivating them to add more products to their digital carts and check out more quickly.

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By providing a constant ability to ask questions and receive accurate answers, live chat improves customers’ trust in your business and serves as an effective sales tactic.

In fact, website visitors who use live chat are 4.5 times more valuable than those who do not. Solving real-time queries of customers can even boost their average order value by about 10%.

2. Integrate Your Chat With CRM

CRM software such as Salesforce and HubSpot offers direct live chat integration for businesses. This allows businesses to capture various customer-related information such as names, email addresses, and contact numbers through the live chat feature on the website.

The recorded information can then be directly fed to a central data repository. This way, businesses can effectively maintain and update their existing sales database and centralize the sales cycle of every new lead.

In fact, some live chat tools today are even powered by their own CRM systems, eliminating the need to use a third-party tool. Now, the full benefits of CRM integration can be realized:

  • The CRM system automatically updates after every chat session.
  • Each customer’s buying history can be recorded, providing customer agents and sales representatives with vital information.
  • There will likely be a boost in customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

3. Use Automated Triggers to Boost Engagement

Emotions often drive human behavior more than logic. Therefore, leveraging the impact of psychological triggers along with a live chat feature can engage customers and improve sales.

For example, if a prospect is preparing to leave your website, have a live chat popup that offers a spot discount or additional perks.

automated triggers graphic


Now, your business can drastically reduce the website’s bounce rate and improve sales.

Such a feature can also aid in engaging casual website strollers who aren’t sure what they are looking for. Spot discounts or even the initiation of relevant customer support dialogues will make them more likely to buy.

4. Understand and Leverage Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel chat support is an increasingly popular theory and method. It refers to chatbots spread across multiple marketing channels such as websites, mobile apps, and social media handles that seamlessly integrate the overall live chat experience and work together to increase sales.

omnichannel support graphic


For example, a customer may be shopping on your website through his office’s system. He leaves work, reaches home, and uses your mobile app to resume his shopping session. 

Ask yourself this: Does his customer service experience smoothly transition from one device to another? And if he does encounter an error or query, is he able to quickly avail himself of text-based support in real-time without losing any data?

Omnichannel chat support will synchronize the customer support experience for shoppers like this one. Bots seamlessly work in the background and across multiple channels to handle inventory requests, receive regular updates, and even push real-time offers.

5. Incorporate Visitor Data to Unearth Better Trigger Points

Make sure to collect and analyze visitor data to understand how they are engaging with your website. This data can range from link clicks, the parts of the page they spent the most time on, and other user-behavior statistics.

Heatmap is probably the best way to identify trigger points. Once you know more about the browsing and engagement patterns of your potential customers, identify instances in their customer journey when you can use live chat to guide them to specific pages or products.

Incorporating visitor data will allow your business to accurately anticipate customer behavior and improve customer experience, leading to more sales

6. Use Wrap-up Feature to Generate Leads

The right live chat tool will come with a chat wrap-up feature that can be used by chat representatives as a lead generation tool.

Usually, the wrap-up feature will appear as a field labelled “Next Action” that describes how each chat ended and what the follow-up needs to be. By marking each chat with a relevant tag, reps know what to do when the leads come back. 

For example, a chat rep may help a certain website visitor one day by answering her product-related queries. After the visitor leaves the website without making a purchase, the sales rep can uses the wrap-up feature to mark the website visitor as a potential lead. The sales rep then follows up with the website visitor a few days later, which reminds the visitor of her interest in the product and hopefully leads to a prompt purchase.

Now, your sales reps have another effective lead-nurturing tactic, and your businesses should see increased sales.

Live Chats Generate Sales Leads

The art of lead generation will continue to evolve as new technologies are introduced. 

Outbound sales and marketing are valuable but often involve substantial challenges and a large time investment. 

Prioritizing inbound lead generation can provide your business with quick and sustainable revenue, and live chat should be an important part of your lead-generation strategy.

Follow these tips to generate new leads and offer exceptional customer support.

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