Advertising on The Manifest


Attract Qualified Clients and Build Your Brand by Advertising on The Manifest


Why Advertise?

Advertising allows you to feature your company at the top of our company list articles. This means you can promote your company directly to the people seeking your services.

Who's Eligible to Advertise?

Companies that meet the following 3 criteria can advertise on The Manifest:

  1. Have a company profile on Clutch, the leading B2B research, ratings, and reviews company that powers The Manifest
  2. Rank as a leader or contender in a particular industry segment or location on Clutch
  3. Be featured in at least one company list article on The Manifest

Where Will Advertisements Appear?

On company list articles on The Manifest. All advertising companies will be clearly marked with a flag labeled SPONSOR.

How Are Companies Ordered on Company List Pages?

If companies advertise on a company list article, the default order is "Sponsored." This means companies that advertise on the page show up first and are clearly marked with a SPONSOR flag.

If no companies advertise on a company list article, the default order for companies is "The Manifest Rank."

If you want to change how companies are ordered, select either "The Manifest Rank" or "Sponsored."

The Manifest Rank is based on official rankings that take into account:

  • Reviews – number, quality, and recency on Clutch
  • Work portfolio
  • Services offered
  • Brand reputation and visibility in target market

How Much Does Advertising Cost?

Advertising costs are the same as Sponsorship pricing options on Clutch but only apply to The Manifest.

Pay to sponsor on The Manifest at In the payment form, select the company list on The Manifest where your Sponsored listing should be placed.

Contact [email protected] with questions.