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The Manifest’s content provides practical business wisdom and actionable advice to build your brand and grow your business. Be part of our writers’ community as a guest writer, and teach other businesses how to better their processes.

Guest Writing Information

Each article is published in the How-To Guides section of our website.

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  • Opportunity to publish one article on The Manifest or our sister websites, Clutch or Visual Objects

  • Accepted articles edited and published in the order we receive them; typical wait time is 2-3 months

  • Published articles shared 8 times across our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Please read the below guidelines and pitch us your article ideas. We do not accept pitches that do not follow these guidelines.

Every guest article should be a “how-to” guide – filled with actionable tips that teach readers how they can better their business and its processes. Articles should fall into the following categories:

  • Advertising

  • Business services

  • Development

  • Digital marketing

  • IT services

  • Mobile apps

  • Public relations

  • Social media

  • Web design

Read our other how-to guides. Good examples of articles we have published include:

Guest Writing Requirements

Please do not submit articles that do not meet all of the below guidelines. Articles that do not meet these requirements will not be published:

  • Your articles should show readers how to do something, not tell them. The how-to guides should include step-by-step instructions that clearly guide the readers through the process

  • Use the below application form to pitch us your article idea before submitting an article

  • Only submit original work; we run our articles through a plagiarism scanner to ensure they have not been published before in part or entirety

  • Article length of 900-1,500 words

  • Include a 1-2 sentence summary about your article below your title

  • Include and link to case studies, outside sources, and data that back up your arguments

  • Include at least 2 images in your article as PNGs or JPEGs. These should be relevant screenshots, graphs, infographics, or other images that back up and illustrate your point – we will reject articles with stock photos

  • Follow our Writer’s Checklist when writing your article

  • Submit articles as a Word .doc or .docx, not Google Doc

Pitch Your Article Idea to The Manifest

Please provide an outline of your article topic along with links to previous writing samples.

We will be in contact within one week if your article pitch is accepted; we will not respond if it is rejected.

My Article Pitch Was Accepted: What Next?

Writers will receive an email when we accept their article pitch.

After writers send us the first draft of their article, we take a about a month to review and edit the article and share feedback.

We use the below Writer’s Checklist to edit articles. We reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet our requirements and edit articles as we see fit.

When we are satisfied with the article, the writer will approve it, and we will publish it in about a month and promote it on our social channels.

Writer’s Checklist

Please use this writer’s checklist when drafting your article. We will not publish articles that do not meet these requirements.

The Manifest contributed content checklist

We look forward to working with you!