The Manifest awards the most-reviewed B2B companies by industry and location throughout the year. To qualify, companies must be one of the most-reviewed companies in the past twelve months on The Manifest.

How to Qualify

The 15 most-reviewed companies are recognized in each press release with The Manifest Awards. To be eligible for an award, companies must have reviews.

If you don’t have a profile on The Manifest, apply now on our sister site Clutch for a chance to be awarded in our upcoming reports.

Benefits of Being a The Manifest Awardee

Awardees on The Manifest can:

  • Increase your online visibility and brand awareness
  • Drive new leads
  • Build industry credibility
  • Showcase your commitment to the success of your clients

Important Dates for 2022

Our award selection methodology is decided by the number of reviews your company has. Improving your chances of winning an award is as simple as submitting new references in advance of the award announcement listed below. Please note this schedule is subject to change without warning.

January 2022

Week of January 18: American Cities

February 2022

Week of February 1: American Cities

Week of February 8: American Cities

Week of February 15: American Cities

Week of February 22: American Cities

Week of February 29: American Cities

March 2022

Week of March 7: American Cities

Week of March 14: American Cities

Week of March 21: American Cities

Week of March 28: American Cities

April 2022

Week of April 4: American Cities

Week of April 11: American Cities

Week of April 18: American Cities

Week of April 25: American Cities

May 2022

Week of May 2: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Japan

Week of May 9: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Korea, Taiwan

Week of May 16: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong

Week of May 23: Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

Week of May 30: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

June 2022

Week of June 6: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia

Week of June 13: Morocco, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt

Week of June 20: Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq

Week of June 27: Saudi, United Arab Emirates

July 2022

Week of July 4: Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico

Week of July 11: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica

Week of July 18: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile

Week of July 25: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay

August 2022

Week of August 1: Indian Cities

Week of August 8: Indian Cities

Week of August 15: Indian Cities

Week of August 22: Ukraine, Poland

September 2022

Week of September 5: Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Cyprus

Week of September 12: Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia

Week of September 19: Croatia, Kosovo, Montengro, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia

Week of September 26: British and Irish Cities

October 2022

Week of October 3: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland

Week of October 10: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Switzerland

Week of October 17: Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal

Week of October 24: Canadian Cities

Week of October 31: Cities in Australia and New Zealand

November 2022

Week of November 21: Global Awards - We recognize the top performing companies worldwide on The Manifest. Only the companies that receive the most reviews and consistently go above and beyond for their clients are selected for this award.