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5 Effective Ways to Use Video on Your Website

5 Effective Ways to Use Video on Your Website

5 Effective Ways to Use Video on Your Website

76.5% of marketers and small businesses see results with video marketing. Here are five ways to improve engagement and drive conversions with video on your website.

The question isn’t if video belongs on your website. The question is how and where. 

Most internet users watch online videos. In turn, 76.5% of marketers and small business see results with video marketing, according to a survey from SmallBizTrends. 

Of those surveyed, 60% plan to increase their investment in video in the coming year. 

76.5% of marketers and SMB owners are seeing results with video marketing

So, how can you use video to achieve the greatest impact on your website?

You can put a video almost anywhere and it will produce an effect. Visitors favor videos because they're convenient, digestible, and engaging. Your business benefits from video because it’s captivating, educational, and mobile-friendly. 

But like anything good, too much can detract from the user experience. Aim to enhance your site experience with a balanced yet delightful approach to video.

If done well, you’ll boost the resonance of your messaging, increase time-on-site, and drive greater conversions.

Here are 5 ways to use video on your website.

  1. Homepage background video
  2. Video content
  3. Homepage explainer video
  4. Product pages
  5. Video testimonials

1. Homepage Background Video

Want the audience to quickly develop a sense of your company's solution? Greet visitors with a homepage background video. 

You can use these to make an impression or quickly communicate your message to visitors. Background videos aren’t relevant to every product or service, but they do offer a modern feel. Companies in a competitive space will benefit from a chance to differentiate themselves and their brand image.

For example, Squarespace showcases how to use its stylish website templates in a variety of colorful ways.

Squarespace video

This rotating homepage video affirms the brand’s reputation for elegant and functional websites. This is a sleek and functional way for Squarespace to speak to numerous buyer personae in its target audience.

Always place a homepage background video “above the fold” – or on the first visible section of the homepage. This ensures that visitors get the full effect.

2. Video Content

A recent survey found that the top priority for small businesses in 2018 is to create higher-quality content. A full 22% of respondents plan to expand their content strategy.

Video content is engaging, educational, and shareable – so it’s a great investment. According to Vidyard, 71% of marketers report that video content outperforms their other content marketing efforts. With users glued to their phones every day and night, mobile makes video content more available and consumable than ever.

Webinars are a great way for B2B companies to generate leads and establish their thought leadership. A study by Google found that 70% of B2B buyers watch videos at one point during their path to purchase

For example, this free webinar signup page from Buffer hints at on-demand insights from industry leaders.

Buffer video webpage

This is highly valuable yet very niche-specific content that’s sure to generate qualified leads. To enhance your lead generation strategy, supplement your content with high-impact video that’s irresistible to video lovers.

3. Homepage Explainer Video

Homepage explainer videos let you describe your company’s offering and what makes you unique. 

Unlike the homepage background video, explainer videos are usually placed below the fold. Rather than just mentioning the benefits of your business, explore them.

Speak to your audience’s pain points, deliver your value proposition, and delve into the nuances of your solution. According to Invodo, 52% of consumers gain confidence in a product or service from watching a video. Be concise here, but thorough.

This example from the blogging service Content Pros blends animation and text to communicate the brand’s value. 

Content Pros website video

The synopsis begins by mentioning the audience's pain points, then outlines the creative process, and finishes with a hook for a free trial. Explainer videos like these are a straightforward and effective way to pull visitors toward a conversion.

4. Product Pages

A picture is worth a thousand words. But according to Forrester, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words

The focus of a typical product pages is to tell. These days, reading this much text is a burden most would rather avoid. In fact, 59% of C-suite exclusives prefer to watch a video than read text on the same topic. 

Use a video to explore your product or service. This will allow you to communicate large amounts of information in a quick, convenient manner that people enjoy. Who doesn’t want to save time and mental energy?

In the following example, Stacks and Stacks provides an overview of the features and installation process for a doggie door.

Stacks and Stacks doggie door

Showing its visitors a product video earned the housewares brand a 144% increase in purchases. Regardless of your offering, a virtual demo will surely improve the confidence and attention span of your audience.

5. Video Testimonials

Video storytelling is a proven way for brands to connect with their target audience. And who better to win over a prospect than a fellow customer? 

Testimonials let you tell a success story (without bragging) while featuring your happy customers.

These function as social proof – when people look to the responses of others to determine the correct action. Broadcasting customer advocacy via video helps you to secure trust and clinch conversions like nothing else.

The best way to create video testimonials is to integrate your product information throughout. 

For example, the 99designs website is peppered with casual mentions of key features and positive aspects of the user experience.

99designs website

This lets the brand allude to their uniqueness and stellar user experience in an organic way. Effective video testimonials both inform the viewer about your brand and help them see themselves as a future success story.

Using Video on Your Website

The functionality of and the desire for video marketing is on the rise. Feel free to insert videos in your FAQ area, your “About” section, or any landing page.

Just remember that video should help to improve the user experience of your website. If it doesn't improve your website, don’t use it.

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