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WordPress Trends That Can Help Your Website Excel

WordPress Trends That Can Help Your Website Excel

WordPress Trends That Can Help Your Website Excel

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The first interaction between a customer and your business is through a website, and as they say “the first impression is the last impression.” WordPress is one of the more popular CMS, and in this article, we will discuss the WordPress trends to follow to make your website a sure-shot success.

There are around 2 billion active websites on the internet and most of them are being powered by WordPress. Why? WordPress can implement a customer’s technical visions into reality. WordPress is revolutionizing itself with new features and functionalities and becoming better every year. With its rich presentation and content, WordPress is the topmost choice for the organizations to stand out in the future.

According to W3Techs, 34% of the websites are using WordPress on the Internet, while the market share of WordPress among all content management systems (CMS) is 60.8%. It provides a website that represents an individual’s brand and plays a crucial role in the web market.

WordPress powers 34% of internet

If you wish your business website was more noticeable and prominent among all the active websites, you must implement innovative ideas & follow the various WordPress development trends. It is necessary for the web developers to keep the various future trends in mind while developing an enterprise-grade website.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the top WordPress trends that can help you in making your website a sure success. Without wasting much time, let’s begin:

6 WordPress Trends to Improve Your Website’s Performance

  1. Drag and drop themes to replace sidebar layouts
  2. Utilize video headers
  3. Make whitespace your friend
  4. Attract with VR & AR
  5. Customize and build interfaces
  6. Strategize with artificial intelligence

Trend #1: Drag and Drop Themes to Replace Sidebar Layouts

There is an absolute doubt about how difficult it is to make your WordPress website look exactly how you want it to be. At times, it becomes even more difficult to make even the small changes and it also takes more time with a complex dashboard layout. It can make your WordPress experience irritating.

However, there is a way out to create amazing WordPress websites without actually having to write code.

Now say goodbye to the sidebar layouts since the ‘’drag and drop’’ option in the widgets are making a place for themselves on the internet. This theme allows the users to develop and customize the website without any technical knowledge.  As seen in the image below, Salient is a popular page builder on WordPress.

Salient WordPress drag and drop

It is a highly-tailored plug-in that has unique and creative elements. Don’t worry if you are a non-programmer, you can still handle the things with drag & drop themes. There is a huge possibility of its growth in the upcoming years.

Trend #2: Utilize Video Headers

This is something really creative and innovative too. The video headers help you in creating your dream websites in a unique way. As seen in the image below, Inspiro is a popular and professional video theme that will add a modern touch to your website.

inspiro video header

Inspiro has a variety of features, including a slideshow that supports video from YouTube and Vimeo.

Video headers are known to be decorative elements — like header images, but with movement.  They play automatically, loop by default without sound. They work best when paired with an image, so they can enhance the experience when video is supported.

Videos can represent your content in an influential manner & reach the customer’s understanding criteria easily.  Hence, this increases user engagement & also boosts up your online business. They are the most important part when creating your business websites. This will help you in making a website more amazing and creative.

Trend #3: Make Whitespace Your Friend

If you take a look at the recent WordPress themes, you will notice that most of these themes follow a lot of white space. As seen in the screenshot below, WhiteSpace is a creative template for WordPress platforms.

whitespace wordpress

The theme can be installed in a variety of sites that target different audiences and exhibit various functions. Users can market their personal portfolios, product layouts, and more using this efficient technique. Now, this does not imply that you are wasting the space of the screen. In fact, it shows that you are presenting only the most relevant and useful information to the users. White space adds richness to your website; it helps you to display your website’s content elegantly. Start using this technique in order to achieve great results.

Trend #4: Attract with VR and AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are among the most attractive trends to make use of while creating any sort of business websites. Sephora is only one example of how AR and VR can be used effectively within a web platform.

sephora ar/vr

As seen in the screenshot above, users can try on makeup and other products through simply uploading a photograph of their face. Users can find what matches their skin type and look through multiple options.

WordPress fully supports the virtual reality content as well as 360-degree images and videos. VR applications have set the internet on fire and will be gaining more popularity in 2020.

Moreover, if your website is photo or video-based, then the VR and AR technology will be of your best technical help. These two technologies are sure to stay for a long time and will definitely help you in making your website more creative and innovative.

Trend #5: Customize & Build Interface

We all know that WordPress contains a variety of plugins and themes that have indeed made web development quite an easy task. However, some of the developers find it really difficult to create one.

This problem is also fading away with the website builders’ tools. One of the interfaces (what you see is what you get) allows the users to customize the website look instantly. So, a non-technical person can develop a unique kind of a website with the website builders.

WordPress uses this to stand ahead of the competitors. Beaver Builder and Elementor are two of the best WordPress builders. You may check them out and make use of them for your website for the best results.

Trend #6: Strategize with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the best technologies to follow. It is one of the main components in the strategies of the digital transformation. AI makes human interaction quite easy and provides great user satisfaction.

Is it very important to make use of this technology in your website as it has the capacity to reach a wide base of customers and provides many benefits. It can accelerate the WordPress website and will surely smooth the user experience as well. The role of AI is going to increase significantly in the year 2020. The businesses will make use of AI power for WordPress web development for user satisfaction & productivity improvement.

Take a Risk to Make Your WordPress Website One of the Best

These are some of the WordPress trends that you can follow in 2020 to make your website a sure-shot success. WordPress allows the users to create a unique and amazing website.

So, make the most of these above-mentioned WordPress trends for web development. Increase your chances to stay ahead in the competitive world by making use of the various WordPress trends. Also, do not forget that customers are your ultimate boss. Ensure that you consider the points appealing to the website and then implement it.

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