Social Media Roundup November 2018

By Rhonda Bradley / 09 November 2018

Learn about the latest social media updates from the top platforms.

Social media networks are constantly adjusting their platforms, offering new algorithms, new features, and other additional capabilities. It’s important for marketers to stay informed of these changes, as they may directly impact their day-to-day marketing efforts. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the latest updates from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest:

  • Facebook Re-Launches Messenger App
  • Instagram Adds “Promote” for Stories
  • IGTV Adds Video Previews for Stories
  • Twitter Provides Clarity for Reported Tweets
  • LinkedIn’s New Algorithm
  • Pinterest Launches Carousel Ads

Facebook Re-Launches Messenger App

Facebook launches 1st of four-phase upgrade to Messenger 4.0.

Facebook began rolling out a new version of its messenger app in late October. The update delivers a more simple interface designed to encourage closeness and authenticity, according to Facebook

Messenger 4.0 will release in 4 stages, so that users can ease into the new interface. Its current rollout includes 2 significant changes:

  • Easier navigation: Instead of the usual 9 tabs along the bottom of the Messenger app, the new interface has only 3 tabs, called “Chats,” “People,” and “Discover.”
Facebook Messenger screenshot
  • New personalization options: Color gradients allow users to personalize chat bubbles with color options anytime during a conversation.
Facebook Messenger colorization

Over time, Facebook will release a series of three more updates to complete the upgrade to Messenger 4.0. 

Facebook Messenger is essential because its growing popularity offers marketers more connections for customer service and advertising. 

Messenger statistics

Facebook Messenger is the 2nd most-popular iOS app of all time, preceded only by its parent app, Facebook. More than 1.3 billion people use Messenger at least once a month.

Instagram Adds “Promote for Stories”

Instagram adds new advertising option similar to Facebook's “boost post.”

On November 1, 2018, digital media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted a screenshot of an Instagram-for-business option no one had seen before. 

“Instagram now lets you promote your Stories,” he wrote. His screenshot showed a “promote” button included next to the standard Story Save, Share, and Send buttons.

Instagram "Promote Stories" screenshot

Later that day, Instagram confirmed through TechCrunch that it’s globally testing “Promote for Stories,” but has no timeline for when the new feature will roll out to everyone.

Instagram confirmed that Promote for Stories works similar to Facebook’s boosted posts. 

Promote allows brands to increase a Story’s visibility to a chosen target audience as if it were an ad.

IGTV Now Lets You Share Preview Images to Instagram Stories

New IGTV previews link a preview image back to your IGTV video.

Instagram TV now lets you share an image preview of any of your IGTV videos to Instagram Stories.

Tap the paper airplane at the bottom of an IGTV video to share the preview in a Story.

Share IGTV preview

When followers tap on the preview, they’re taken to IGTV to watch the video.

Twitter Provides Better Clarity for Reported or Removed Posts

Twitter responds to user feedback by removing reported posts and publicly noting Tweets removed for violations.

In October 2018, Twitter changed the way users view Tweets they’ve reported and added public notices to Tweets that have been removed for violations.

Twitter Safety screenshot

Posts that are removed by Twitter no longer disappear as they have always done in the past. Now, users will see a notice that reads “This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules. Learn more."

Tweet violation screeshot

The “Learn more” link connects to Twitter’s general rules and policies enforcement page but doesn’t explain the reason for removing the Tweet.

Prompted by user feedback, Twitter also changed the way users see posts that they’ve reported. 

Reported tweet screenshot

Now when a user reports a post, they will no longer see it in their feed. Instead, reported Tweets get replaced with a notice that reads “You reported this Tweet.”

Between these reporting updates and Twitter’s release of more than 10 million state-sponsored Tweets, the social media platform is receiving mass attention in the press this month. This may be a good opportunity for marketers to consider promoting Tweets or launching an ad campaign to prepare consumers for the holiday season.

LinkedIn’s New Algorithm is a Game-Changer for Marketers

LinkedIn adjusts its algorithm to include more content from unknown creators.

Since discovering that the top 1% of LinkedIn posters are receiving nearly all of its spotlight, the B2B platform set out to find a way for smaller creators to get seen.

In mid-October, LinkedIn announced a major adjustment to its algorithm. The changes should help optimize posts from small creators who want to increase their engagement rates on LinkedIn.

The sophisticated algorithm prioritizes the newsfeed based partially on how much impact, or “appreciation,” it thinks engagement will have on the creator. 

It also takes into account how likely people are to engage with the post, and how much the engager’s audience might want to see it.

LinkedIn algorithm change

Whether LinkedIn intends to give more visibility within a creator’s network or within the entire LinkedIn community is still not know. To learn more about the new algorithm, visit the LinkedIn blog.

HubSpot Marketing believes this algorithm could be a game-changer for marketers and referred to it as the “Robin Hood of Algorithms.”

Pinterest Launches Carousel Ads

Pinterest announces new carousel ads for businesses.

Earlier this month, Pinterest announced the launch of a new ad format called “Promoted Carousel.”

Promoted Carousel on Pinterest

Promoted carousels allow brands to include up to 5 images in one Pinterest ad. Pinners can swipe through images directly on their feed, and tap to go to the image and landing page.

Opportunities for Marketers

Over the past month, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest expanded their services to offer more opportunities for marketers.

These changes should hopefully boost the marketing capabilities for small- to medium-sized businesses.

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