4 Social Media Retargeting Tactics for More Conversions

By Ryan Gould / 14 December 2018

Social media retargeting helps keep your brand top-of-mind for potential buyers. These 4 key tactics will help you retarget prospects the right way, while increasing engagement and conversions.

Social media retargeting is one of the best ways to keep your brand top-of-mind.

At Elevation Marketing, we've learned that tracking potential buyers through their actions and online behavior and targeting them with ads based on that information helps companies stand out and maintain a competitive edge.

This piece will dive into several tactics you can use to retarget prospects on today’s popular social networks in order to ramp up engagement and dramatically boost conversions.

People around the world spent 135 minutes every day on social media in 2017 — that’s a lot of opportunity to get your brand in their feeds. It’s absolutely no surprise that social media is an important step in the buying process for marketers.

People spend 135 minutes per day on social media, so businesses should be present there.

Source: Statista

When shoppers are on the hunt for a product, they might check out a number of different sites or brands to find the perfect fit. But, when they leave your site, you can use social retargeting to remind them of products they’re already interested in and lure them back to purchase.

Here’s how you can use retargeting on social media for the best results.

1. Use Email Retargeting Lists

Most marketers go straight for the pixel-compiled list of visitors to their site and target them via channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

But if you already have a decent-sized email list in your hands, you have access to an even warmer audience who is much further through the buying journey. These are people who have enough interest in your brand to have actively handed over their email address.

You can upload your list of email subscribers to channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and the platforms will find those users based on their email addresses and serve them specific ads in their social feeds.

You can use your existing email lists for retargeting.

Source: VWO

Email targeting is a great way to capture leads across a number of devices and platforms, and it’s the perfect way to grab the attention of leads who didn’t come via your website or who you might have picked up at trade shows, exhibitions, and through real-life contests.

Retargeting works best when you aim for really warm audiences — and you can’t get much hotter than email list subscribers.

2. Use Link Click Tracking

Here’s a secret: You don’t have to target people who have visited your website. In fact, sometimes you simply might not get enough eyeballs on your site to warrant carrying out a retargeting campaign.

In this case, you can use link click retargeting, where you retarget your ads to people who have clicked on an external link you’ve shared via social media. This method works by using a shortened URL that fires pixels when someone clicks on it.

So, if you link out to a Vimeo video via Twitter, for example, you can target users who click on the Vimeo link even if they haven’t visited your site.

By tracking who clicks on links, you can gather data for retargeting efforts.

You can use link click retargeting in another way, too. Say you want to really hone in on people who are looking at specific types of content; you can create highly-focused audiences based on the types of links they click.

If you share a few links that are focused around getting more subscribers on an email list, you can bet that the people clicking on those links have some interest in that topic.

By using this information, you can send out retargeting ads to prospects who are only interested in that particular topic.

3. Run A/B Tests

There’s always an element of trial and error when running ads, and retargeting campaigns are no different.

People use social media for several reasons, and they use different platforms for different purposes. Someone who rarely watches videos on Facebook is unlikely to watch a video ad you’ve served them, even if they’ve shown interest in your brand and products.

You can select different styles of social media ads and test which work best with your audience.

However, someone else might love watching videos on Facebook, so a video ad is a perfect way to get their attention.

You can also mix and match the messages you’re sending out.

For example, if people went through the buying process but abandoned their cart at the last minute, you can create a selection of different ads that target them that have different copy and images to see which ones get the best results. Determine what strategy is most successful and structure your campaigns to mirror what works best.

4. Remarket to Specific Landing Page Visitors

If you’re launching a new project, running a sale, or want to carry out a campaign for a particularly well-selling product, you can run a landing page retargeting campaign to capture leads that have actively shown an interest in that product.

This method really hones in on the specific wants and needs of prospects.

Say, for example, there are people who have visited a landing page on your site that’s promoting your latest sale, but they don’t make a purchase.

You know they’re interested in that sale, so you can then retarget them with ads about the sale on their social media feeds.

Again, this tactic is a great way to retarget people who are warmer leads than someone who has just visited the homepage of your site. You actively know what they’re interested in, and you can use that information to really tap into their wants and needs.

How Will These Methods Ramp Up Engagement and Conversions?

At the core of these tactics, you’re actively retargeting to people who have shown a certain level of interest in your business or a topic that’s highly relevant to your business.

These are some of the warmest leads you’ll get, which means they already know who you are and what you can offer them. Basically, they just need a push to get off the fence and hit the buy button.

When you’re consistently showing up in the social media feed of people who have shown an active interest in your brand, you’re keeping yourself at the front of their mind so that when they do want to invest in what you’re selling, they’re going to come straight to you for it.

Retargeting is one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing arsenal, but it’s important that you’re strategic with how you do it and the ways in which you target potential prospects.

Get it right, though, and you’ll have yourself something that continuously converts warm leads into hot buyers and loyal customers who keep coming back for more. 

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