How to Ensure Your Development Project Never Misses a Deadline

By Prateek Saxena / 20 June 2019

Here are a few ways you can prevent your development team from missing the project deadline and encourage them to gain momentum in the marketplace.

Not getting your development project delivered on time can damage your marketing strategy and increase project costs. 

By missing your deadline, you can lose opportunities and make your company seem less professional. 

Although it can be challenging to ensure that your development project is finished on time, there are certain resources you can invest in to make this problem less likely. 

Below are 9 ways to decrease the risk of missing the deadline for your project launch. 

1. Choose the Right Team

Hiring the right mobile app development company for your project is key to ensuring your app rolls out on time. 

The right app development team should have extensive experience delivering mobility solutions on-time and employ the best practices to accelerate the development speed. 

They should mitigate all the challenges on their end and track their progress, rather than making excuses for delays.

When it comes to deciding how to hire a mobile app development company, ratings and reviews can be helpful. 

If the ratings of an app development company are low and the reviews are negative, this team is not right for your app needs.

Meanwhile, positive ratings and reviews indicate that clients are satisfied with the company’s services, and you can anticipate a better working relationship. 

2. Have a Clear Vision

When you do not have a comprehensive understanding of what type of app you want to build, your target audience, and what features to include, then it becomes confusing for the development company to progress. 

You should have a detailed outline of what you want your app to look like, do, and target. If you continuously introduce new ideas and change previous requirements, then it is much more likely you will miss your project’s deadline. 

3. Let the Development Team Set the Deadline

It is always ideal to enter the mobile market with the first of one type of app, but developing an app is not an easy task. 

Various factors and resources play a significant role in the process of making an app that only experienced developers know.  

In such a scenario, asking the developers to share their insights into the project is the appropriate way to plan a realistic timeline. 

Besides, comparing the timeline with that shared by your development team is also helpful to ensure that you are not asking for an impossible deadline.  

4. Keep Resources Available

A majority of development projects are delayed due to the unavailability of resources during the development process

In a scenario like this, ensuring that your hired development team has the required resources with them is also an effective method to prevent missed project deadlines. 

Apart from this, using a project management tool can also be an effective way of tracking progress. 

Top Project Management Tools to Use in 2019

Tools like Jira, Office Timeline, and ProWorkFlow all offer easy methods of team communication and make sure everything is being completed on time. 

5. Communicate More Often

In various cases, the communication between the client and developers is limited to the beginning and end of the project only. 

Because of this, many times developers end up putting your project on hold and starting it when the deadline is near. Due to lack of communication, they fail to provide you with the app on time. 

Communicating with the development team frequently can create a more serious environment on the developers' end and compel them to complete the project on time. 

It will also give you insight into the current status of your development project and a clear idea of what time the project will be delivered to you.

6. Prefer Agile Methodology

While there are many types of app development approaches and tools in the market, looking for a company that trusts Agile Scrum during the development process can also accelerate the project speed and ensure that the app solution is handed over to you on time.

Agile Development Methodology

The Agile Scrum methodology in mobile app development empowers developers to cut down the app project into small functional app modules that act as independent entities and delivers them as a milestone at fixed intervals of time. 

This makes it easier for you to keep track of your app’s progress while knowing exactly when the app will be delivered.

7. Provide Regular Feedback

Sharing feedback with your selected development company can also accelerate project speed. When shared on a regular basis, feedback can help developers understand what exactly you want and where they are lacking. 

This can aid them with the right information and tools to improve their plans and provide you with a perfect application on the pre-decided date.

8. Send Automated Reminders

In case any of the above methods do not work, gear up your development project speed by sending automated reminders. 

There are various tools like Zapier that allow you to send a reminder to your app partner and ensure that they remain attentive throughout the development project.

9. Be Willing to Be Flexible

Keep in mind that the project plan you formulated could go through various changes during the development process. 

These changes can affect the timeline of the project, making it nearly impossible to prevent missing the deadline. 

In such a scenario, being flexible with the deadline can be an effective method to ensure that you receive the right outcome and a high-quality app.  

Hire the Right Mobile App Development Company

Deadlines are often missed. But by understanding why the hired developers failed to deliver the project on time, can help them maintain a healthy development speed right from the beginning. 

While some of the ways you can aid developers are shared in this article, you can learn more by consulting with top mobile application development companies

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