How a Customer Journey Map Can Help Create a Successful App

By Syed Waqas Saghir / 13 August 2019

A customer journey map is an effective method to add further value to your clientele’s experience through your business offerings. By using this approach, you can identify various aspects within an app to improve to generate more interaction and engagement for your brand.

It’s important to address your end users’ pain points if you want your app to become an instant hit. You have to keep the customer in mind when designing a successful mobile solution or any app that can be used on various digital platform.

An application that centers on the end user will naturally be able to deliver the desired results. Furthermore, you should create the overall design and interface in a way that satisfies their needs and requirements.

Businesses nowadays need to understand that they can pinpoint with surgical precision which areas to improve and capitalize by studying their customer journey map. Applications that are responsive are able to justify their approach to offering an effective solution.

Applications that are responsive and offer effective solutions to an existing problem are much more likely to earn maximum coverage from the masses.

In this post, we’ll inform you of how you can use your own customer journey map to improve your business app as well as optimizing its utilization through your targeted audiences.

Why a Customer Journey Map Can Be Extremely Effective for Any Business

A customer journey map is basically a visual representation of how your business is able to interact and engage your target audiences. The figure below details the exact pathway a customer follows to come in contact with your business.

New Customers

  • Out of market
  • Trigger
  • Initial brand consideration
  • Active evaluation
  • Purchase decision

Existing Customers

  • Experience
  • Loyalty

The one component new customers and existing customers share is making a purchasing decision.

customer journey map


As you can see, the journey for any customer starts from an initial trigger that creates awareness about your brand. This trigger can come from a variety of sources depending on your marketing strategy as well as where you’re positioning your offerings so that your target audience can easily view and access them.

After the customer evaluates your products and services against their underlying needs, they'll consider whether or not to buy your business’ offering. If they buy your product, delivering the right experience can make a new customer loyal to your brand.

Let’s consider some statistics from Genesys and SuperOffice that support this process:

Know your customers' trigger points and you will be better-equipped to position your offerings successfully.

Integrate Customer Journey Map Insights into My Business App

Looking at the figure below, you’ll start to see how a customer journey map can be helpful when trying to improve your business app.

commercial customer journey


This sample customer journey map outlines the key path a customer takes, from prospective lead to loyal customer. A successful customer journey map is able to identify the following aspects regarding your target audiences:

  • It helps create a powerful and meaningful customer persona for your brands and businesses, which can prove to be essential for your marketing team.
  • It offers valuable insights into your customers’ daily lives and routines, including their demographics, lifestyle preferences, expectations, needs, and utmost desires to name a few.
  • Lastly, it arms you with a complete set of metrics and measurable goals against which you can measure your own offerings as a business. From there, you can start to identify various improvements to engage your customers.

As you can see, a customer journey map gives direct insights into who your customers are and what they actually require. This can help you figure out valuable ways to make your smartphone or digital application more user-friendly and interactive, such as:

  • Creating an instinctual and stress-free navigation system for your app
  • Implementing a frictionless and smooth point of sale
  • Offering customization options along with personalized experiences
  • Making sure that functions are quick to respond with reduced lag time
  • Applying exquisite customer support and feedback features for your app
  • Implementing faster loading times and better performance for a wide array of customers
  • Including brilliant design themes, color palettes, and appealing interactive features

A company journey map will provide you the information necessary to turn potential customers into existing customers.

Use Customer Journey Maps to Effectively Map Out Your App's Design

It should be quite evident by now that a customer journey map can commendably improve various features and functionalities for your business application, as well as its overall design appeal and allure. Here are some interesting facts from Vocalcom that can help you make an informed decision when creating your own business app:

  • Brands that deploy customer journey mapping to their businesses are able to enjoy a sales cycle that’s 18 times faster on average.
  • Companies can experience an increase of 56% in revenue from cross-selling and upselling efforts.
  • In general, customer journey mapping opens the door to earning a 54% greater return on marketing investments.
  • Brands and business that effectively use customer journey mapping report a 24% increase in positive social media interactions with their customers.

We hope this post was effective in offering some tremendous insights as to why a customer journey map can help create an elegant and well-designed business app.

Not only does it allow you to offer more value to your end users, but it will also empower you to stay connected with them. It is a great way to interact with and engage your target audiences while further improving your own business offerings.

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