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Benefits of Animated Marketing Video for Blockchain Products

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Benefits of Animated Marketing Video for Blockchain Products

Companies producing blockchain products may be met with difficulties communicating value and pushing past consumer hesitancies about new technology. Animated explainer videos can serve to quickly explain a product's value-add will making it appear more accessible to those reluctant to invest.

The world in the age of the information revolution has seen drastic changes in technological advancements and evolving artificial intelligence (AI).

While these cutting-edge technologies aren't brand new, they're gaining traction at a breakneck speed. For instance, the AI industry was valued at almost $100 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38.1% per year

Despite the growth rate and seemingly endless possibilities with new tech, there has always been resistance toward adopting the advancements. Adopting typically gets slowed by an overall lack of knowledge on these new technical topics and irrational fears.

In today’s world, with advanced cloud infrastructures, most applications and organizations are moving toward decentralized servers and hosts to offer low-cost, no-maintenance, and quick-loading web applications, finance databases, intellectual property rights, and information transfer. Yet, security concerns still keep many companies at bay. 

Organizations are opting for decentralized content delivery networks and cloud servers to enhance the user experience — but there's still a dilemma as to whether that's the right choice. The major reason why companies did so proves that decentralization is more of a necessity than a choice.

Based on IDC industry CloudPath 2019, here’s an infographic by showing why companies are opting for the cloud.

Benefits of cloud for digital-first small businesses infographic

Source: Modlogix

It's safe to say it’s a challenge for marketing professionals and owners to yield ROI for their brands. Teams have the ability to come up with grand, sweeping marketing strategies to help an audience understand their product but struggle to convince them to invest in their product or service.

It’s hard to build trust — a lot of products are available and the security concerns related to shared data centers and servers have made people hesitate.

Marketing a blockchain product using strategies based on traditional knowledge is still a long and complex process. Raising the question, Is there an easier alternative?

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are short comprehensive videos created to help the audience understand a product or service and visualize growth potential with your offerings. 

They are a great tool for selling cryptocurrency or NFTs, but that's not the full extent. Payment, healthcare, and cybersecurity products are also prime candidates for these services. 

But what brings all these concepts (payments, blockchain, healthcare, etc.) together? Let’s understand in detail how blockchain is related to these industries.

How is Blockchain Truly Implemented?

One of the most common misconceptions related to blockchain is its connection with cryptocurrency. But the relationship between blockchain and cryptocurrency is akin to parts of a whole.

Let’s dig deep and understand: what is blockchain?

Blockchain: a decentralized, distributed, and interlinked database designed to store and share information with the public using a private or shared network. The database is secure, atomic, consistent, and durable — making it great for implementing complex products like cloud healthcare, crypto, De-Fi, etc.

Based on the definition, it is safe to assume that comprehending technologies like this can be a bit of a struggle for consumer audiences. This is one of the major reasons why selling blockchain-based products is a struggle for almost all players in the industry. 

In recent years, companies are investing in blockchain technologies more than ever. They’re shifting to decentralization, as it's safer and easier to use. They are cost-effective and help companies improve product performance and enhance user experience.

Here are some statistics to show the global market outlook and investing industries across countries.

blockchain statistics to know in 2023 infographic

Source: FinanceOnline

These stats represent a market shift toward blockchain and how companies across nations are spending billions of dollars to create more blockchain products.

Marketing experts are creating strategies to outreach to audiences online, and most of them are opting for content-oriented marketing strategies.

Blockchain-implemented products are also shifting to video content marketing. Animated explainer videos are blockchain's best friend when it comes to video marketing.

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are The Best Choice For Blockchain-Implemented Products?

Animated explainer videos are the best tool to help the audience understand complex concepts and guide users to extended user interfaces and enhance the experience. These videos can help users to understand how a product can help an audience grow to be an inseparable part of their daily life. 

For example, this motion-graphic video from Slack not only shows you how Slack is an inseparable part of the main character's life but also how his life’s easier with the tool.

While doing communicating this, the video uses minimalistic graphics and brilliant transitions to display the actual interface of the application on various devices the main character passes by.

The video received 47k views and helped slack to gain the reputation as the best cross-device team management software across industries.

The example clearly shows how effective an animated video can be when it comes to engaging the audience and being informative at the same time in small time duration. 

4 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for Blockchain Product Sales

Animated explainer videos are hugely impactful in communicating the value of a product. Here are the top 4 reasons why blockchain products are ideal candidates for animated explainer videos:

  1. Explainer videos build trust
  2. Explainer videos are quickly comprehensible
  3. Explainer videos are cost-effective
  4. Explainer videos influence decisions

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1. Explainer Videos Are A Great Way To Build Trust

Explainer videos are a great way to reach new audiences and explain to them how a complex product can help you save so much effort and time. These videos are a great way to tell your audience how secure your system is and why it is the best choice when they’re looking for similar solutions

This makes it easier for businesses to build trust and retain existing audiences. 

2. Animated Explainer Videos Are Quickly Comprehensible

Animated explainer videos are a great tool when you have to engage the audience and explain complex products. The right graphics combined with a vibrant voice-over can help you understand the product and also helps you visualize how it works.

Also as per studies, it’s proven that video content is 85% more effective than any other content type when it comes to teaching something. The audio and visual elements combine to improve concept retention rate, and the quick visualizations make comprehension easier and faster. 

3. Animated Explainer Videos Are Cost Effective

Animated explainer videos are one of the most cost-effective content types. It not only saves production resources but also can be repurposed to use as social media and advertising content. 

A great explainer video can be used to fulfill target goals at each stage of your marketing plan, and a single video can fulfill a lot of purposes like lead generation, outreach, sales boost, and engagement. Thus, it is safe to say they’re super cost-efficient.  

4. Explainer Videos Engage Long Enough To Make A Decision 

When it comes to engaging audiences, animated explainer videos are the king among all content types. Videos help the audience understand the purpose and vision of the product.

They effectively teach the audience to use a product and help them understand how the product works on the server side. 

Animated explainer videos make complex concepts easier to understand and engage the audience effectively long enough to decide whether or not to choose your brand as a prime solution.

Interesting Fact:

Fifty-one percent (51%) of global marketing professionals consider video as the content that delivers the best return on investment.

Animated explainer videos are undoubtedly an excellent choice for blockchain products now, Although most of us are always looking for opportunities to invest in resources that have future relevance. 

Let’s understand the scope of animated videos for blockchain industries in the age of evolving AI and Metaverse.  

The Future Scope Of Explainer Videos For Blockchain

As we’re moving toward an era of meta-reality and evolving AI, branding and advertising are now a bit of a struggle as most people prefer spending their time online in MMO worlds. This is causing brands to upgrade their marketing game and build a brand presence in meta realities. 

Most NFTs and Crypto products have already become part of meta realities as complex 3D models. But they’re still not being relied on by their target audiences as they don’t understand them. 

So helping the audience comprehend the product is now more of a necessity than a luxury. Explainer videos like these can be repurposed for meta reality as well.

example of imagery captured using metaverse technology

Image taken with Microsoft Mixed Reality Viewer

If you choose the right animation style for your animated video, there’s no place in Meta or Live Reality that it cannot be repurposed. 

Animated Explainer Videos: A Brilliant Investment For Blockchain Marketing

Animated explainer videos are a brilliant choice for blockchain-implemented products as they help them at all stages of the sales funnel. The videos are great tools for comprehension, trust building, and outreach, making them an aspirin to relieve the headaches every blockchain data server-based products suffer.

Thus the only question that is left to ask is, ‘Which is the best animation style for my video?’ and ‘What are my target goals?’ 

No matter what, you can always ask an expert to help you. Connect with an expert video production team to get your product ahead of competitors.

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