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5 Steps for Adding Quora for Mobile App Marketing

How to Use Quora for Mobile App Marketing: 5 Steps to Increase App Installs

5 Steps for Adding Quora for Mobile App Marketing

Learn how to use Quora to increase installs for your mobile app today. With this powerful step-by-step action plan, you’ll be able to drive targeted traffic and get more users for your mobile app.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to increase mobile app installs and build brand awareness at the same time, start marketing on Quora today.

With over 190 million users and 40 million in the U.S., Quora is a go-to platform for mobile app marketing.

This article walks you through 5 steps to building your brand and driving traffic to your app on Quora.

  • Decide who should answer questions on Quora
  • Find topics that are relevant to your app
  • Answer questions that generate the most views
  • Structure your answers to drive traffic to your mobile app
  • Save time by answering questions with your existing content

Step 1: Choose Who Should Represent Your Brand on Quora

Ideally, you want your founder, co-founder, or head of product to answer questions on Quora.

When a founder answers customer questions, it fosters goodwill and trust. This is why the founder writes most welcome emails.

San Diego, California-based content marketing agency Siege Media specializes in SEO and content marketing and is led by CEO and Founder Ross Hudgens. Recognized as a thought leader in the SEO field, Hudgens answers questions about SEO to show his company’s authority in the industry.

example of Ross Hudgens, founder and CEO of SiegeMedia, answering a question about SEO on Quora

When Quora users asked, “Will republishing your own blog entries on another blog hurt our SEO?” Hudgens answered directly, helping the user and showing his expertise on the topic.

The same holds true if you’re promoting your business app (instead of just your business) on Quora.

Step 2: Identify Quora Topics That are Relevant to Your Business App

To find relevant topics, look for the “most viewed topic writers” on Quora over the last 30 days.

First, search Quora for a list of topics that are relevant to your app.

For example, if you have a productivity app, search “time-management” or “project management.”

example of searching for the topic, "project management" on Quora

The search shows questions that include your keyword or phrase.

The first and third questions, “What is the best project management tool?” and “What is the best online project management software for a startup?” are great targets if your business has a productivity app.

Once you find a relevant topic, navigate to its main page and click on the “most viewed writers” tab.

screenshot of "most viewed writers" on project management on Quora

This will show you who has written most viewed answers in the last 30 days.

Step 3: Answer Questions That Generate the Most Views

To prevent your answers from getting lost in everyone's feed, focus on answering questions that have received few answers.

Once you find a relevant topic and identify most-viewed writers, navigate to its main page and click on the “most viewed writers” tab.

screenshot of most viewed writers on Quora

If there are significantly more people following a question than there are answers to the question, it’s worth answering the question.

For every answer to a question, ideally, you want at least 7 people following that question.

When you answer a question that is followed by many people, they receive an in-app and email notification. This is why answering a question that at least 7 people follow can boost views and upvotes, helping your answer rank higher in Quora.

Step 4: Structure Your Answers to Drive Traffic to Your Mobile App

Write helpful answers that avoid promoting your app or company directly.

Here are some simple tips to help you structure your answers for success on Quora.

Quora Dont's

  • Write a wall of text that makes it difficult to read
  • Write a thesis-sized answer, unless the question absolutely calls for it
  • Paste your link at every given opportunity (you'll get banned)
  • Forget that you are representing your brand

Here’s an example of a poor Quora answer to the question, “Will any marketers help me improve my marketing skills?”

example of a bad answer on Quora

This answer is unhelpful because it fails to answer the original question.

Rather than offering to help the questioner, the anonymous responder links to an article and writes, “That’s where you wanna be, that’s where you find yourself.”

It’s too short, offers no real, tangible solution and could be considered spam, resulting in a permanent ban from Quora altogether.

Quora Do's

  • Write your posts as if you're writing a blog post
  • Use a range of formatting options to make your answer stand out
  • Use video content to increase visibility and keep readers engaged
  • Craft a powerful call-to-action that encourages the reader to find out more

Here’s an example of a good Quora answer from Kyle Balmer to the question about marketing.

example of a good answer on Quora

Kyle’s advice is easy to understand and implement.

The answer is well-formatted with numbered points,  designed to encourage you to follow along.

Finally, Kyle differentiated himself from other answers by using video to increase engagement, build brand visibility, and entice users to click through to his website.

Step 5: Save Time by Answering Questions With Your Existing Content

Like most social media channels, creating enough content to generate leads over time can be daunting.

Save hundreds of hours by repurposing your blog’s content into easily consumable answers on Quora.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

If you see a question that you’ve already answered on your blog, simply copy and paste it as a Quora answer while linking to the original source.

As Ross Hudgens explains above, your SEO efforts won’t be at risk to a duplicate-content penalty, as Google can tell what content is original.

Follow 5-Step Strategy to Market Your App on Quora

Marketing your mobile app on Quora doesn’t have to take up all your time. By applying this 5-step strategy at scale, you can drive downloads and engagement for your mobile app.

Next time, I’ll show you how to increase brand visibility and drive app downloads by marketing your app on Instagram.

Interested in other platforms for app marketing? Here are 5 more app marketing strategies.

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