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How to Use Super Apps for Business

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How to Use Super Apps for Business

In recent years, super apps have taken the mobile world by storm.  They offer various services and features, from messaging and payments to food delivery and ride-hailing. 

Why are super apps taking the app development world by storm? They're combining multiple services into a single platform.

Super apps have revolutionized the way we use our smartphones and have opened up new opportunities for businesses to expand their offerings and improve user experiences. 

So, what do you consider when developing a super app? First, you must focus on having a good strategy and choosing the right technology. 

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The Right Strategy for Your Super App 

What is the right strategy for your super app? Developing a super app to rival the likes of WeChat or Gojek takes time, but businesses can begin their super app strategy by adding new revenue streams.  

To do this and contribute to the super app's success, you should consider the following: 

  • Offer an airtime top-up service. It acts as a form of currency in emerging markets and offers an alternative to unstable local currencies.  
  • Sell digital gift cards, a valuable tool for incentives and rewards.  
  • Payment processing capabilities are also essential for super apps, allowing users to transfer money and pay for services within the app.  
  • Create a platform to book local services. 
  • Build a community of loyal users around the app.  

These features can provide users with convenient and secure services while generating revenue for the business.  

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Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your Super App

Developing a super app requires a well-planned strategy and the right tech stack. The first step is to identify the services and features that your target audience needs and wants. Once you clearly understand your users' needs, you can develop your app. 

The tech stack required to create a super app will depend on the services and features you offer.

However, some essential components of a super app include: 

  1. Cloud Infrastructure: Super apps require a robust cloud infrastructure that can handle many user requests and data processing. 
  2. Microservices Architecture: A microservices architecture allows for developing independent services that can be easily integrated into the super app. This approach makes updating and maintaining the app's different components easier. 
  3. Payment Gateway: super apps that offer payment services require a secure payment gateway that can process transactions quickly and efficiently. 
  4. Data Analytics: data analytics is essential for super apps to track user behavior and optimize the app's features and services. 

Developing a sizeable super app requires multiple technology stacks to ensure smooth functionality, integration,  and performance.

Although no specific technology stack exists for building a super app, it may require utilizing various programming languages, such as Ruby on Rails, Java, Scala, Python, and databases, like Maria DB, to connect the nodes. Choosing the appropriate languages, frameworks, tools, and processes for developing a super app. 

Super Apps Benefits 

Super apps have gained popularity among users due to their various benefits in daily operations. 

The benefits of super apps are numerous, and they vary depending on the industry. For example, super apps in the food delivery industry can offer users the ability to order food from multiple restaurants within one app. In contrast, super apps in the transportation industry can provide users access to numerous ride-hailing services. 

Super apps can become integral to a user's daily life by offering various services and features. For example, a super app  that offers ride-hailing, food delivery, and messaging services 
can become the go-to app for a user's transportation, food, and communication needs.

To sum it up, super apps provide the following benefits: 

  • Multiple functions: One of the significant advantages is that they offer more features with fewer applications. It means users don't have to switch from one app to another to perform different actions since they can do everything from one place.  
  • Safe: Super apps provide a safer and more comfortable digital consumption experience for users. 
  • Loyalty: Companies can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering a more comprehensive range of services through super apps. 
  • Collaboration: Super apps allow collaboration between companies to add value and create a more complete and satisfactory offer to customers. They boost the strength of the community they create.
  • UX: Super apps improve user experience: super apps make things simpler and more agile by eliminating the need for users to repeatedly upload their personal and payment data to different applications. 
  • Simple Learning Curve: users do not need to learn how to use new apps (they have all in one). 
  • Integrated: Facilitate the vertical and horizontal integration of the business as they manage the value chain. 

Super apps can also save resources and streamline the user experience. Instead of downloading and using multiple apps for different services, users can access everything they need in one place.

This approach reduces the storage space required on a  user's device and makes navigating and managing their apps easier. 

Super Apps Boost Fidelity 

User fidelity is critical for every brand, and super apps can boost it. 

Super apps have the potential to foster brand loyalty among users by providing them with a variety of services and perks. When users become increasingly dependent on the app for their daily tasks, they are less inclined to switch to a different app.  

Additionally, super apps can establish credibility and trust with their users by providing personalized recommendations and  customized services, resulting in repeat business and word-of 
mouth referrals.

Super Apps Save Resources  

Integrated services in a single platform can simplify developing a super app, making it more efficient and cost-effective than creating separate apps. This approach can save  companies development time and resources, enabling them to reduce costs and allocate resources more effectively.  

Additionally, maintaining one app rather than multiple apps can minimize maintenance costs and enable companies to keep the app secure and up-to-date. 

Super Apps Will Change the Mobile App World 

Super apps are quickly becoming the trend that glows up the mobile world. Super apps can improve user experiences, boost fidelity, and save resources by offering a  range of services and features in one platform.  

Developing a super app requires a well-planned strategy and the right tech stack, but the benefits are worth it. As more businesses look to build their super apps, this trend will further evolve and bring new opportunities to the mobile world.

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