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How B2B Companies Can Create Compelling Video Content for YouTube

How B2B Companies Can Create Compelling Video Content for YouTube

How B2B Companies Can Create Compelling Video Content for YouTube

Find out how successful B2B brands create engaging content for their target audiences.

According to a social media industry report by Social Media Examiner, only about half (52%) of B2B marketers use YouTube for social media marketing, and only one-fourth of them increased their YouTube organic activities during the previous year.

Yet, YouTube is a powerful social marketing tool for B2B brands because it helps:

  • Improve Google SEO
  • Humanize your brand
  • Engage potential customers
  • Create more memorable experiences

Although B2B brands use YouTube differently than B2C businesses, the social network offers similar opportunities for B2B audiences. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to create compelling B2B channels and content that can help you build an engaged and active audience across YouTube.

Build B2B YouTube Channels with These Best Practices 

Successful B2B YouTube channels are reliable and organized in their content.

Top B2B YouTube businesses have the following practices in common:

  1. Well-organized profile and playlists
  2. Well-branded videos with clear CTAs
  3. Compelling content that’s appropriate to their industries
  4. Optimized videos for YouTube and Google searches

For example, Cisco shares a wide range of content on its YouTube channel, all of which is organized into categorized playlists such as Cisco Newsroom, Cisco Services, Cisco Corporate Responsibility.

Cisco YouTube channel

Cisco continues its structured approach with strong branding that includes a clear and consistent logo across all playlists and within its videos.

The combination of structure and clear branding ensures the B2B viewer will be able to find her way around your YouTube channel efficiently.

Accenture professional services takes branding a step further with the use of one color (purple) in all its headers and graphics.

Accenture YouTube channel

One of the greatest challenges for B2B brands on YouTube is choosing content that balances information with entertainment in a way that pleases their target audience. 

B2B audiences crave content them informed of the news and trends in their industry, yet brands want to infuse a touch of humor to keep videos interesting so viewers will stay engaged.

One company walks that fine line by giving viewers a clear choice at the top of its YouTube home page.

Taulia, an AI solutions company, allows its audience to choose the personality of its content by listing one business-news style playlist and one humorous playlist at the top of its profile.

Taulia Inc YouTube channel

“Working Capital Summit 2018” and “Funny Taulia Originals” allow professionals to browse videos on their own terms by clearly separating the personality of its different types of content.

Welcome your B2B audience with a solid structure, strong branding, and well-titled videos/playlists to make them feel at home on YouTube.

Also, be sure to optimize your YouTube videos for search, since this will help your videos get noticed on YouTube and possibly rank on Google. Choosing the right keywords, tags, and categories will help your videos rank higher in both search engines.

Finally, follow basic social media best practices such as posting consistently, engaging with your audience, and making use of YouTube analytics to cultivate an engaged target audience.

Create Youtube Content That Engages B2B Audiences

There are many ways to create YouTube content that engages your B2B target audience. 

To begin planning content, decide what types of videos you’ll publish. Businesses publish a wide range of content, including:

  • Industry news
  • Company news
  • Product education
  • Announcements
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Human interest stories

Next, consider ways to create these types of videos in a way that engages your target audience. This can include humor, storytelling, and integrating social causes, but solid writing and good video editing is also a way to capture attention.

For example, Taulia’s business section includes customer reviews. There’s no “entertaining touch” added to the reviews, however, the videos are still highly engaging.

Taulia begins one customer review by opening mid-conversation, and doesn’t force viewers to wait for the information they’re seeking. 

The camera angles in the review video are constantly changing. This is a technique that’s common with fast-talking videos, and doesn’t distract the viewer. The quick angle changes keeps the video moving along and changing every second.

Taulia Inc video example

The outstanding camera work, editing, and audio quality make this video an excellent example of how to engage B2B audiences.

Other companies use YouTube to show a more human aspect of their brands. 

For example, container logistics company Maersk shares videos of its employees talking about the values that matter to them.

Maersk YouTube video example

The values are work-related and show the person at Maersk during the workday, performing tasks from his daily routine.

“Teaching and training, passing on our knowledge, is very important,” explains Chief Engineer Michael Wilson in his “Values to Me” video.

This video series introduces the audience to the people behind the products, creating a strong and memorable human connection.

Software company Slack creates story-driven videos to demonstrate its product. One video, called “So, Yea We Tried Slack” throws viewers back to the pre-Slack days before anyone knew what it was. It shares emails of its founder writing to introduce himself and his company, and explain what Slack is.

Slack video example

The video is fun for viewers because Slack is now a “household name” in the B2B industry, and is used daily to communicate in-house by many businesses. Thinking back to a time when Slack was unheard of isn’t easy to do!

Adobe Creative Cloud takes a gamified approach on its Youtube channel. For example, they tried publishing a daily creative challenge every morning at 8:30 am from January 22 to February 1, 2019.

Adobe video example

Accenture publishes whiteboard videos that explain complex concepts in a way that feels simple and entertaining. 

For example, its video “How is Artificial Intelligence Enabling New Revenue Growth?” turns a dry-sounding topic into a fun, captivating video that’s easy to understand.

HubSpot shares customer success stories in testimonial format that allows the reviewer to talk a bit about their company, in addition to offering a testimonial on HubSpot services.

HubSpot video example

No matter what type of content your B2B company publishes on YouTube, there are ways to make it compelling so your audience engages with you and returns for more in the future.

Engage B2B Audiences with Unique Video Content on YouTube

B2B brands are a natural fit for YouTube because videos and playlists offer ways to engage your customers that are more interesting and compelling than any other type of content.

Plan your B2B channel with structure and fill with with the types of content your target audiences loves to consume.

Make your B2B video content engaging with good camera work/editing, storytelling, humor, or captivating videos. 

When you combine informative content with proven techniques, then optimize your videos and follow basic best practices, your B2B YouTube channel becomes a welcome space for all professionals in your industry.

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