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5 Ways to Get People to Engage With Your LinkedIn Posts

5 Ways to Get People to Engage With Your LinkedIn Posts

5 Ways to Get People to Engage With Your LinkedIn Posts

Boost audience engagement on LinkedIn with these five tips for businesses.

In March 2017, LinkedIn published a blog post explaining how they determine rankings for user updates. In other words, they laid out the process used to decide whether an update will appear in their trending news feed - or not.

The algorithm is a complex process that blends “man and machine” to determine whether content is relevant and offers value to LinkedIn users. 

Rather than hope for LinkedIn to deem your updates “worthy” of a space in their trending news feed, there are tactics you can use on your own to get your content seen and shared.

Why does it matter? With over 250 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is a powerful channel for generating leads and establishing yourself as a thought leader. In fact, 80% of B2B marketing leads sourced from social media come from their platform. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to get your LinkedIn updates read, shared, and viewed by more people. Discover how other businesses build an audience without depending on LinkedIn algorithms. 

1. Get Employees Involved

According to LinkedIn, for “every 6 pieces of content a LinkedIn member shares, it influences 6 job views, 3 company page views, 1 company page follower, 6 profile views, and 2 new connections.”

Encourage your employees to engage with your content on LinkedIn by liking, viewing, and sharing.  Motivate them by letting them know that they’ll also be establishing their own leadership skills and expert reputation. 

Share brand and social media guidelines with your employees. It might be worth your time to hold social media training sessions that walk them through the basics of your branding and social media guidelines. 

Your employees are a valuable asset who will appreciate building skills that benefit their professional life and the success of the company they work for. 

2. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a place where professionals within the same industry connect to pose questions, share knowledge, and post industry-related content.

Becoming active in groups widens your network and helps you build connections with people who may view and interact with your content.

To begin, search for groups by topic or industry using the LinkedIn search tool. 

Example of LinkedIn Group

Look for groups that are active and have a healthy number of members. Choose the groups you’d like to join by requesting to be added to the group. A group administrator will approve or deny your admission based on whether they feel their group is relevant to what you do.

Once you’ve been accepted into a group, approach it as you would approach a group of offline professionals. 

Don’t focus on yourself or try to push your products. Get to know people by reading their content and engaging in the comments system. Contribute to the group with non-promotional content that’s helpful to their professional lives.

Groups are a good opportunity to boost your credibility and grow your network on LinkedIn. 

3. Write Good Updates

LinkedIn’s goal is to create “clean, valuable feeds” and provide “timely, professional content” that keeps users informed and helps them professionally. 

This is a strong indication of what users like to interact with.

Create content that’s relevant to your industry and easy to digest. Learn about the different types of content that work well on LinkedIn and the best times of day to post.

Here are some tips for writing quality updates:

  • Introduce your content with a personal note
  • Include a clear call-to-action
  • Use beautiful images
  • Include a shortened URL
  • Include your logo on all images

LinkedIn users enjoy many different types of content including business reports, how-to-guides, list-style articles, and whitepapers. Get to know your audience by paying attention to the styles and topics that they interact with.

4. Use Paid Tactics 

There are a few options for paid advertising on LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored Content: Delivers your content directly to the LinkedIn Feed.
  • Sponsored InMail: Delivers personalized messages and content directly to people in your targeted audience.
  • Display Ads: Reach customers early in the purchase process.
  • Dynamic Ads: Offers native ad formats.
  • Text Ads: Set your own budget and pay only for the ads that work.

Create new connections and followers by budgeting for paid advertising so you can build your audience over time.

5. Engage With Your Connections

Like any social setting, listening to and supporting others is the key to connecting with them. Make a genuine effort to bring value to the connections you already have on LinkedIn. 

Build professional relationships. Spend a few minutes each day reading and commenting on other people’s content. Share what you like to your feed.

Respond to people who comment on your posts. 

Your efforts toward supporting your current LinkedIn connections will help establish you as a valuable member of the community. This paves the way for them to share and engage with your content.

The Best Way to Get People Engaged With Your Content

LinkedIn is an opportunity for professionals to connect in order to become more productive and successful. To achieve views, likes, and shares for your content, you’ll need to interact.

Get your employees involved in the process of sharing and creating content. Build connections and relationships with other professionals and in your groups. Do your research, follow best practices, and post consistently.

These are the best ways to get more people to engage with your content on LinkedIn.


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