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6 Benefits of Hiring a PR Company

6 Benefits of Hiring a PR Company

6 Benefits of Hiring a PR Company

Get support with content creation and strategy, assistance with media relations, event management, and more. Learn the benefits of hiring a PR company.

Businesses of all sizes, especially up & coming startups, should have a strong focus on their marketing strategy. But when it comes to managing social media, creating brand materials, and helping with SEO, in-house teams will begin feeling spread thin and not focusing enough on a service that helps businesses earn trust from outside parties.

Hiring an outside PR team to manage your company’s public relations strategy will help your company gain more awareness from the public while managing your company’s overall image and perception.

This article will focus on the benefits of hiring a public relations company to manage PR strategies for any size business.

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Hiring a PR company is worth the investment in improving brand awareness and operations.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations, which is commonly referred to as PR, is a practice that involves effectively communicating a service, product, or even an individual to the public in a way that leads to strengthening outside relationships.

Many think of PR when it comes to celebrities - but truthfully, many public relations firms are hired by businesses in and outside of the B2B space.

Information is readily available online, so having a strong public relations team will help your business bring in new prospects while combating any negative attention or nonfactual information.

There are several benefits to hiring a PR agency – many of them are hidden in the services that traditional public relations firms provide for their clients.

6 Benefits of Hiring a PR Company

Here are the six benefits for hiring a good PR agency for your business:

  1. Support with brand and strategy development
  2. Assistance with reputation management
  3. Help with media relations
  4. Support with content creation
  5. Event Management
  6. Constant Activity

1. Support with Brand & Strategy Development

If your company is unsure where to start with public relations, hiring a PR firm right off the bat can help.

All companies should have their main business goals and brand image defined - but if your team is unsure where to go next, a PR firm can assist.

A PR agency can help with any business development and communications plans. Their teams can brainstorm any additional brand messaging or other development strategies.

If a company is a new business or just launching a new product, a PR team can assist with all aspects of strategic or brand development – as long as the company has its goals and vision in place.

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2. Assistance with Reputation Management

Building a good reputation requires visibility and consistency.

A PR team can help your business emphasize your most attractive qualities to potential customers.

Your company’s reputation is generally influenced by customer experience. Your PR team can leverage your most valuable customers, prompting them to provide reviews, testimonials, and other anecdotes.

These messages can be used for PR efforts like social media and PR campaigns.

If something negative occurs like false rumors or controversy, that is where assistance with crisis communication comes in.

As part of reputation management, crisis management involves a PR team helping their client properly communicate with their audience regarding any negative actions they need to take responsibility for while preserving their reputation.

A good PR agency will ensure your company is equipped to combat any attention that comes your way.

3. Help with Media Relations

Nurturing relationships with media outlets can be hard work, so having a PR agency maintain and manage those media relationships can take a lift off of your company’s marketing team.

How can your business leverage media outreach? Your PR team can craft press releases about new product launches, connect media outlets with industry data, give insights into new team members that can lead to media coverage, and more.

Aside from media contacts, a PR agency can help internally with media attention. For example, if your company hired a new C-suite employee, they can organize an interview with an industry publication or on a popular podcast. Your PR team can perform media trainings with employees to ensure they’re delivering the right approach and showcasing important thought leadership.

Media relationships are important to craft in this age of information.

4. Support with Content Creation

Having persuasive content is a key component of any public relations strategy.

All of your internal and external communications need to be engaging, factual, and thorough to hit your targets and initiatives.

PR agencies can assist with copywriting and other content creation tasks like image and video production to ensure that your offerings are well-communicated with your audience.

Press kits are an item that many businesses lack – a PR agency can help put together this kit that contains the core facts and content assets that directly relate to your business for journalists and the media.

Quality content directly correlates with profitability in this era of business success – having a PR agency that helps oversee content production will do wonders for brand awareness and attention.

5. Event Management

Branded events are a proven strategy for businesses looking to attract media coverage and entice potential customers.

These events, run by your chosen PR agency, can be product launches, press conferences, exhibitions, appreciation events, and more.

Putting an event together can be a challenge – from coordination to execution.

A PR agency will facilitate all of the backend efforts that go into an event, including hiring catering & staff, sending out invitations, and general event planning. Their team will ensure that the right eyes will be on your event.

If done correctly, an event can provide a memorable experience that attracts the right type of attention for any type of business.

6. Monitoring Constant Activity

As mentioned earlier in the article, many in-house teams that focus on marketing activities can become spread thin.

At times, public relations tasks can be on a constant cycle, especially if your business wants to monitor media outlets more frequently.

An active PR firm can keep up with any activity in a constant news cycle and work to grow your company’s presence.

Qualities to Look for in a Public Relations Company

When sourcing PR professionals, there are a lot of options.

Choose a PR agency that exhibits the following:

  • Transparency
  • Industry experience
  • Hardworking
  • Collaborative
  • Responsive
  • Strategic
  • Proactive
  • Flexible

These traits are also qualities that they will bring to your PR strategy.

Are You Ready to Hire a Public Relations Agency?

By hiring a public relations agency, your business can open yourself and your team up to a world of benefits that bring strong, positive attention and, in turn, leads.

Using PR services can build key relationships with a target audience, maximize the potential for influence in target markets, and shape the public perception of an organization. The benefits outweigh any cons.

Partnering with a good PR agency can effectively amplify your company’s marketing efforts.

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