The Manifest Releases the List for the Most Recommended B2B Providers in The UK for 2022

The Manifest Releases the List for the Most Recommended B2B Providers in The UK for 2022

The Manifest Releases the List for the Most Recommended B2B Providers in The UK for 2022


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Washington, D.C., October 5, 2022— The Manifest, a data-driven business news platform, ranks the best UK-based companies within the B2B industry. These companies have proven their capabilities to the people that matter most.

UK Leader Badge

The UK has recorded one of the most astonishing comebacks during their 2021 recovery campaign. From a low GDP rating of -9.4% just the year prior, the country has recorded a net rise of 7.5%. This kind of performance doesn’t happen often and can be attributed to the strength of their local economy.

The Manifest aims to highlight the SMEs that helped make this happen and get them the recognition they deserve. Through these efforts and awards, more companies will hopefully emulate the good practices of the businesses we highlight and encourage higher quality services.

What are The Manifest Awards?

The Most Reviewed Company Award from The Manifest highlights the progress businesses have made in their journey of providing the best possible services to their clients. The recognition celebrates all the startups and SMEs that earned the highest number of quality client reviews and recommendations over the past year.

“The UKs achievement is something that deserves much more attention because of how amazing it is,” said Clutch Senior Account Executive Ethan Lutz. “Our work will hopefully shed some light on it as we recognize the people that helped make it happen.”

Get listed on The Manifest today, and your company can enter the consideration pool and maybe even win one of next year’s awards.

Top Service Providers

Application Management and Support

App Management and Support Leader List

Javascript Development

Javascript Development Leader List

Strategy Development

Strategy Development Leader List

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development List

SEO Content Creation

SEO Content Creation Leader List

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Leader List

SEO Mobile Optimization

SEO Mobile Optimization Leader List

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual Leader List

Link Building

Link Building Leader List

Usability Testing

Usability Testing Leader List

UX Strategy

UX Strategy Leader List

User Research

User Research Leader List

Google App Engine Development

Google App Development Leader List

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Leader List

Consumer App Development

Consumer App Development Leader List

Sales Enablement App Development

CRM App Development Leader List

BI App Development

BI App Development Leader List

ECommerce App Development

Ecommerce App Development Leader List

Education App Development

Education App Development Leader List

Field Operations App Development

Field Operations App Development Leader List

Financial App Development

Financial App Development Leader List

Health App Development

Health App Development Leader List

Travel App Development

Travel App Development Leader List

Publishing App Development

Publishing App Development Leader List

Productivity App Development

productivity app development leader list

Social Media App Development

social media app development leader list

Mobile Game Development

mobile game development leader list

Email Marketing

email marketing leader list

ReactJS Development

ReactJS Development Leader List

Flutter Development

Flutter Development Leader List

Java Development

Java Development Leader List

App Modernization Services

App Modernization Services Leader List

Laravel Development

laravel development leader list

ASP.Net Development development leader list

SQL Development

sql development leader list

C# Development

C Sharp Development Leader lIst

WordPress Development

wordpress development leader list

Python & Django Development

python & django development leader list

Shopify Development

shopify development leader list

Ruby on Rails Development

ruby on rails development leader list

React Native Development

react native development leader list

Machine Learning

machine learning

PHP Development

php development leader list

Natural Language Processing

nlp leader list

NodeJS Development

nodejs development leader list

Magento Development

magento development leader list

iPhone App Development

iphone app development leader list

AngularJS Development

angular js development leader list

Product Branding

product branding leader list

Corporate Branding

corporate branding leader list

Brand Strategy

brand strategy leader list


naming leader list

Android App Development

android app development leader list

Training Video Production

training video production leader list

Interview and Testimonial Production

interview and testimonial production leader list

Live Event Production

live event production leader list

Branded Video Production

branded video production leader list

Commercial Production

commercial production leader list

Sound Effects Production

sound effect production leader list

Visual Effects Production

visual effects leader list

Voiceover Production

Voiceover production leader list

Directing Production

directing leader list


filming leader list


storyboarding leader list

3D Animation

3d animation leader list

Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy leader list


BPO Leader List


design leader list

Business Consulting

consulting leader list

Digital Design

Digital Design Leaders List

.NET Development

dotnet development leader list

IT Services

it services leader list

Digital Services

digital services leader list

Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing leader list


advertising leader list

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Leaders List


sem leader list

Animation Video Production

animation video production leader list

Video Production

video production leader list

Print Design

print design leader list

Packaging Design

packaging design leader list

Staff Augmentation

staff augmentation leader list


blockchain leader list

Artificial Intelligence

ai leader list


ar/vr leader list

Content Marketing

content marketing leader list

Digital Strategy

digital strategy leader list

BI and Big Data

bi and big data leader list

Product Design

product design leader list

Mobile App Marketing

mobile app development leader list

Market Research

market research leader list

Logo Design

logo design leader list

Graphic Design

graphic design leader list

Ecommerce Development

ecommerce development leader list

Managed Service Providers

managed service providers leader list

Cloud Consulting

cloud consulting leader list


ppc leader list

Public Relations

PR Leader List


seo leader list

User Experience

user experience leader list


branding leader list

Software Development

Software Development Leader List

Mobile App Developers

mobile app developers leader list

Web Development

Web Development Leader List

Web Design

web design leader list


creative leader list

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing leader list

Results are a snapshot of The Manifest’s most recommended companies on September 30, 2022. Rankings are dynamic, and this report may not reflect the rankings as they are currently listed. 

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