The Manifest Lists the Most Reviewed Agencies in Advertising & Marketing Space for 2022


The Manifest Lists the Most Reviewed Agencies in Advertising & Marketing Space for 2022


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Washington, D.C., November 9, 2022— The Manifest, a B2B business news website that identifies the top service providers, announced the most recommended companies specializing in advertising and marketing services that received the most verified reviews from clients for their 2022 Global awards.

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Analytic reports showed the advertising industry growing by an impressive 8% for 2022. These great numbers feed into advertising numbers as well as the two fields have been virtually inseparable since their inception.

This self-sustaining efficiency is something most industries will only dream of and it’s in large part due to their effectiveness and flexibility. This is why The Manifest will be highlighting companies that operate at the highest levels of the industry in this edition of their awards program. These industries include branding, content marketing, and SEO.

What are The Manifest Awards?

The Manifest's Most Reviewed Company Award honors the outstanding partnerships between service providers and their clients. The top awardees from each category received the most referrals and strong reviews.

“Getting their name out in the market is one of the most essential elements to a business' success,” said Clutch Growth Operations Specialist Jamie Kenny. “These awards are an attempt to highlight the teams that provide those elements.”

Learn more about how your company can be included in the awards pool and potentially win one of next year’s Global awards by registering on The Manifest.

Top Service Providers


advertising leader list

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing leader list


branding leader list

Content Creation

content creation leader list

Content Marketing

content marketing leader list

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Leaders List

Direct Marketing

direct marketing leader list

Email Marketing

email marketing leader list

Link Building

Link Building Leader List

Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy leader list

Media Planning and Buying

media planning and buying leader list


naming leader list

Out of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising leader list


ppc leader list

Product Branding

product branding leader list

Public Relations

public relations leader list


sem leader list


seo leader list

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing leader list

TikTok Advertising

tiktok advertising leader list

Results are a snapshot of The Manifest’s most recommended companies on October 31, 2022. Rankings are dynamic, and this report may not reflect the rankings as they are currently listed. 

About The Manifest

The Manifest is a business news and how-to site that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-market businesses. Use The Manifest as an approachable tour guide through every stage of the buyer journey. With three main offerings – data-driven benchmarks, step-by-step guides, and agency shortlists – The Manifest strives to make your business goals a reality.

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