The Manifest Spotlights the Most Recommended B2B Providers in Costa Rica for 2022

The Manifest Spotlights the Most Recommended B2B Providers in Costa Rica for 2022

The Manifest Spotlights the Most Recommended B2B Providers in Costa Rica for 2022


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Washington, D.C., July 13, 2022— The Manifest, a data-driven business news platform, ranks the best Costa Rica has to offer within the B2B industry. These companies earned the trust of their clients and partners through a combination of dedication and results.

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According to the World Bank, Costa Rica’s GDP in 2021 was worth more than 64B USD, a notable increase from even their pre-pandemic levels. These results can only be brought about through the concentrated efforts of the country’s SMEs.

The Manifest’s goal is to highlight such businesses and get them the recognition they deserve. Through these efforts and awards, more companies will hopefully emulate the good practices of the businesses we highlight and encourage higher quality services.

What are The Manifest Awards?

The Most Reviewed Company Award from The Manifest highlights the progress businesses have made in their journey of providing the best possible services to their clients. The recognition celebrates all the startups and SMEs that earned the highest number of quality client reviews and recommendations over the past year.

“Success is easy to measure, especially with all metrics and KPIs available these days,” said Clutch Senior Account Executive Ethan Lutz. “Our goal is to highlight the intangibles different businesses bring to the table and reward those that make a good-faith effort to deliver.”

Get listed on The Manifest today and your company can enter the consideration pool for next year’s award cycle.

Top Service Providers

Software Development

Costa Software Developer Leader List

Web Development

Costa Web Developer Leader List

App Development

Costa App Developer Leader List

Results are a snapshot of The Manifest’s most recommended companies on July 1, 2022. Rankings are dynamic, and this report may not reflect the rankings as they are currently listed. 

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