6 External Tools to Help You Manage and Grow Your Leads

By Angelina Lugova / 15 October 2019

Marketing and sales are revenue-driven machines fueling your company on the way to business growth. But the road to greater revenue isn’t always smooth for small to mid-size companies. Whether you are the blue ocean strategy fan or fighting for your customers in the highly competitive market, lead generation tools are paving the way toward achieving your revenue goals.

Lead generation for small businesses is not just chasing a “silver bullet” that results in a never-ending stream of clients. Instead, a deep understanding of your best-performing channels and its enhancement will help you reach your company goals. This graph from HubSpot displays research on the best performing lead generation channels:

Hubspot Lead Source

While the image above shows that email marketing, social media, and SEO are all valuable channels for B2B companies, the “Other” category received the highest percentage of votes. This shows that a company’s leads are earned in a variety of ways outside of the main forms we think of.

Examine and re-think your most lead-generating channels: the more activities you do, the higher the chances to get an evergreen lead stream, which won’t dry out during holidays, vacations and changes in price. Building strong customer relationships are the backbone of every successful small business, but customer acquisition can often be a challenge.

6 of the Best Tools for Managing and Growing Your Leads

  1. Hunter
  2. LinkedIn SalesNavigator
  3. NetHunt CRM
  4. Tend
  5. Intercom
  6. NinjaOutreach

1. Use Hunter to Find People’s Email Addresses

When it comes to lead generation, email marketing is the king. Recent stats show that 82% of people are tolerant to emails from the companies they want to connect with. That makes email marketing software one of the most crucial tools for email marketing.

There’s no better tool for gathering an audience than good old Hunter. If you want to extract business emails quickly, Hunter is always there to help. Just type in the company domain, and it’ll find all available email addresses within it, like the image below displays for all @hunter.io email addresses.

hunter for email

Rather than having to search a website for each individual’s email address, Hunter will show all related results, like the 8 @hunter.io ones above. Hunter also shows a confidence rating, so you will know if the email is likely to be a scam.

Price: free for basic needs, starter pack from $49/mo with CSV export and cold-email campaigns.

2. Try LinkedIn Sales Navigator for better prospects

Many of you may not believe it, but Sales Navigator is an exceptionally powerful tool in lead generation, especially for businesses operating in small niches. If prospect outreach brings you the lion’s share of your revenue, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth investing in.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an extremely handy tool to help your sales team target, connect, and engage with relevant leads and prospects. Being a goldmine for sales reps, it’s also a great networking solution for business owners. By using the platform, you’ll be able to find potential leads using keyword searches, like in the image below.

linkedin sales navigator

By searching for the keyword “SolarSlash” and selecting to “exclude my saved leads” like above, you’ll be presented with plentiful opportunities to move forward with.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator doesn’t come cheap, especially for small business owners, but if you want a direct connection to the most targeted audience without the risk of spamming, it’s worth trying.

Price: There’s a 30-day free trial, and afterwards you have to pay from $69/mo to keep using it.

3. Organize Your Workflow with NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is a Gmail-based CRM software designed for small and middle-sized businesses. In short, NetHunt is a productivity tool inside Google Apps that provides a full set of features to store leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close deals right from the inbox.

This Gmail-based CRM automates the daily routine, combining lead management tools and email automation within your Gmail account. Based on the Salesforce research, CRM may increase the company’s sales by up to 29%. If you’re still balancing between spreadsheets, third-party mailing services, and customer interaction details, you definitely need a CRM to organize those tasks like in the image below:

nethunt crm

Keeping everything in one place like this makes for an easier experience tracking your pipelines and finding potential leads and clients.

What are other major benefits of NetHunt CRM for entrepreneurs?

  • Organize the database of leads and clients
  • Amazing toolkit to turn incoming leads into customers
  • Synchronizing all company departments and minimizing miscommunication
  • Store all the customer interaction history to provide the most relevant offer
  • See overall sales team performance and the individual amount of closed deals
  • Scheduling follow-ups and bulk email campaigns
  • See the best-performing digital marketing source and adjust your marketing strategy

With this tool, you’ll have the above benefits and the peace of mind knowing you’re handling your customer relations efforts efficiently.

Price: Professional plan starts from $24 per person monthly

4. Find Lead Sources Through Tend

Tend is a handy tool to see the outcome of different marketing channels and track which ad/message drives the most sales. Because only 4% of users purchase during their first website visit, you have to keep an eye on the other 96%. When a user journey starts from clicking on Google Ads, bouncing and... converting in a couple of months from your G2Crowd account, which source is in charge of the lead?

Tend tracks each visitor and shows a full history of the individual user that visits your website. You can see where the user came from, what pages on your website they looked at and which ads they clicked on, shown in the image below from the Tend.io website.

tend lead sources

Using the process displayed above, understanding people, grouping them, learning where they came from, and knowing what they do on your site are extremely valuable insights for your business. It is extremely easy to see which marketing tactics drove the utmost conversions, even if it happens off your website.

Tend can be perfectly integrated with your CRM, providing an intuitive look at all your data in real-time so you can cut out ineffective marketing tactics and double down on tactics that provide positive ROI.

Price: $49 a month for up to 5,000 identified contacts.  After that, the pricing goes up by $.002 per identified contact per month.

5. Communicate With Intercom

Intercom is the marketing tool that every small business owner wishes they already knew about. Intercom helps you communicate with users on your website.

By setting up the rules, you can show messages to visitors based on certain conditions. For instance, if a user spends more than 30 seconds on a certain page, you could display a message like this one in the bottom right:

communicate with intercom

An operator from your side can then speak directly with website visitors if users engage with that pop-up asking users to “reply to this message”, or quickly jump on a video call from the live chat window

Intercom helps small businesses gather valuable product/service feedback and see where website visitors get stuck more often to tune the on-site usability. With this software you can turn users searching around your website, to real-world customers.

Price: free 14-day trial, then $89/mo for the essential package.

6. Communicate With Influencers With NinjaOutreach

No small businesses should forget about influencer marketing. Influencers have changed with the times. If you want to get a featured post or be highlighted in a podcast - NinjaOutreach will help you with both.

Business owners have spent months trying to find guest posting opportunities and build relationships with influencers to get that short-lasting fame. NinjaOutreach helps you find influential people with large online audiences who can promote your brand.

You can quickly search for the influencers in your niche by keywords, evaluate his background and arrange a promo directly. Using NinjaOutreach also enables you to manage your lists and track important tags, clients, and actions for each influencer you’ve chosen, shown in the following image.

ninja outreach for influencers

In addition to those features, you can track your prospects, manage templates, and more shown in the image above. Measure social-share and traffic increase and build custom reports right in your account. Enjoy the upgraded and structured communication with influencer using the tool.

Price: free 7-day trial, then from $49/mo.

Take Advantage of These Tools and Grow Your Business

Decide between the tools and test them out. Despite the fact that the market offers so many others, the above make a good starter kit for small business owners.

Whether you choose one and stick with it or try out several combinations, you’re actively working to manage and grow your leads. Once you’ve tested it out, let us know which tools work best within your company’s strategies and overall goals?

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