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10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic

10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic

10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic

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The business environment has become increasingly digital, making driving traffic to your website a necessity when maximizing your bottom line and fueling the growth of your company. Depending on your industry and business needs, there are various ways to increase your traffic.

There are many options for managing website traffic generation. You can produce more clients on a regular basis by increasing traffic to your website.

Below are 10 of the most effective ways to generate more traffic:

  1. Rank organically
  2. List your site locally
  3. Guest post on reputable blogs
  4. Publish instructional guides
  5. Optimize for Google products
  6. Get on popular review sites
  7. List your site on referral sites
  8. Leverage the power of social media
  9. Publish videos
  10. Invest in Google Ads

These tips, ranging from listing your site locally and using review sites, are some of the strongest ways to increase regular traffic for your business.

1. Rank Organically

Organic traffic is the largest part of the total volume of searches for most keyword searches. Despite the growing trend of Google products that are taking a larger portion of the clicks of total search volume, organic traffic accounts for 41.45% of clicks from mobile and desktop searches.

The ability to compete with other Google products is tied to your organic ranking. For example, 99.58% of pages that are chosen for the featured snippets already rank in the top 10 for that specific keyword. The websites in the top three spots of the local listings, or “local pack,” are on the first page 75% of the time.

Achieving a competitive ranking in the organic results relies heavily on a website’s ability to satisfy search intent as well as on-page optimization and the strength of its backlink profile.

2. List Your Site Locally

Local listings have leveled the playing field when it comes to driving local traffic to your website. Proximity is the largest factor in “near me” searches, or any search that indicates a specific location is being targeted. Securing a spot in Google’s local pack is a valuable patch of real estate on the first page because it is commonly placed above the organic results.

This has been a huge benefit to businesses that are behind in optimizing their site, as it gives them the opportunity to take advantage of their location. A search made from a mobile phone will more often than not result in the closest available options.

3. Guest Post on Reputable Blogs

Publishing articles on reputable blog sites in your industry is not only a valuable method of link building but will also provide referral traffic of visitors interested in your content.

The accumulation of backlinks will add referral traffic to your total monthly volume of searches, but the traffic you receive from keyword searches will be more valuable as you rank closer to the top.

Domain authority (DA) is the measure of trust and authority your site has gained through the number of referring domains linking to your site. The more websites that link back to yours, the higher the DA of your site. Additionally, the quality of sites linking back to you helps the search engine examine the relevance of your content.

If you’re a digital marketing company, a high-authority domain in the digital marketing niche linking to you from an article on how to market your website will be more significant than a link from a gardening article.

The stronger the content relationship is between two sites, the more natural and powerful the links will be. This makes guest posting a preferred method of increasing ranking to generate traffic.

4. Publish Instructional Guides

People love learning new things, especially when it directly helps them solve a problem they’re experiencing. A successful method of traffic generation is to publish long-form, evergreen content in the form of guides.

Blog posts that stay relevant for an indefinite period of time will account for long-term traffic that continues to grow as time passes. HubSpot estimates that 38% of its traffic is from older blog posts that continue to drive new visitors to its site.

Create detailed instructional guides that will teach the reader how to perform a specific task or give them actionable advice to apply immediately. Giving value to your readers fosters a business relationship that earns trust, encouraging visitors to return to your site and share the content in their network.

5. Optimize for Google Products

The insidious encroachment of Google products has been subtle, but there’s no mistaking the fact that they occupy the top positions on the first page of results more than ever before.

There have been more frequent appearances of video carousels, featured snippets, Google Ads and the local pack, leading to a decrease in the click-through rate of organic traffic, shown in the graph below.

click-through rate


The image above displays the sharp decrease in click-through rate for organic traffic over the course of two years.

Google introduced featured snippets in 2013, and by 2014, snippets appeared in 2.89% of all searches. In 2017, the total number of snippets were at 12.29%, and today, approximately 40% of all searches result in a snippet appearing in the top position.

It has become common practice to determine the search landscape in your keyword research in order to identify what feature is in the top position. When videos are present, it will be necessary to optimize a video to capture the search traffic in the top position.

Each of these Google products requires different types of optimization, so it's up to a business to determine the landscape for specific key phrases and optimize accordingly.

6. Get on Popular Review Sites

The reviews your company receives can make or break your business. The impact reviews have on a website can vary between industries, but people will always look for third-party reviews before investing in a business.

High-traffic review sites such as Yelp can provide a stream of traffic that consists of high-converting visitors-especially if your reviews are above average.

List your business on the most appropriate review sites and monitor the reviews your business receives. Even if your company gets a bad review you can spin the situation to benefit your business depending on your response.

7. List Your Site on Referral Websites

Sites with a list of the top businesses for a specifc service are becoming more prevalent on the first page of search results. Inclusion on these sites’ lists can provide a source of referral traffic because they’re already in a position to receive a good portion of the traffic.

The image below shows a keyword search for “winter jackets Toronto.” In the top spot are the city-specific locations that offer winter jackets.

"winter jackets Toronto" Google search

The organic listings are all referral sites that have published articles on the top places to get winter jackets.

Find websites that are relevant to your city or niche that occupy the first page already. Listing your business on these high-quality referral sites will get your website in a position to receive referral traffic.

8. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Your social media network is an asset that provides you with the means to drive a lot of traffic to your site in a short period of time.

By posting content to your network, your newly published work will be delivered and presented to a targeted audience. This will help bring people to your site and, if your content is high-quality, they’ll share and links to your site will help you even more with new traffic and a higher ranking.

Garrett Moon published an article explaining how a sharing schedule will double your social media traffic, demonstrated in the graph below.

social media traffic


The example used was of a writer who promoted their content through a tweet that went viral. The second tweet was sent out a month after the first, and as you can see from the chart, the traffic spiked tremendously.

Build your network on platforms most applicable to your industry. The retail industry has done exceedingly well on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, whereas if your business is more office-oriented, LinkedIn and Twitter would produce better results with a more receptive audience.

9. Publish Videos

The preferred method of how to learn about a specific subject is through video. People retain more information when content is delivered with images and audio.

In a study on the success of, it becomes quite obvious that video content marketing has attributed to its dominance in the health supplements niche.

Tiger Fitness' challenge was going against Amazon, which beat them in price and service. According to Marc Lobliner, the CEO of Tiger Fitness, the company used “personalization” as the key method for distinguishing itself from other supplement companies.

“The only thing better than a video is to be able to see someone in person. However, I can launch a YouTube video now and hit a million people,” Lobliner said. “I just launched one the other day that's had 100,000 [views] after three days. We have one of the top fitness channels on YouTube.”

Videos are shared more often on social media and may account for more than 80% of internet traffic by 2020.

10. Invest in Google Ads

It may seem like an obvious answer, but Google Ads is an option that should be considered. Since Google started disguising i5w ads to look like organic results, their click-through rate has increased, and the top three paid ads receive 41% of the total number of clicks.

People will typically avoid advertising, but when 46% of people can’t tell the difference between an advertisement and an organic listing, it makes investing in a paid ad campaign more attractive as a viable stream of traffic.

Google states that every $1 spent on Google ads results in $8 in revenue if your PPC campaign is set up correctly. Why pass up an opportunity to add revenue on top of what your site is already generating?

Select the Right Traffic-Generating Method to Fit Your Needs

The search landscape continues to evolve, and each change has brought opportunities as well as taken some away. Choose the right sources of traffic to accomplish your business goals in order to maximize the traffic your site generates.

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