Content Marketing Trends to Watch

By Rhonda Bradley / 15 January 2019

Discover the trends and tips small businesses should know before planning their 2019 content marketing strategy.

Keep your content marketing strategy current with the following 2019 tips and trends for small business marketers. 

In this article, we’ll explain the most significant trends of 2019 and offer tips to help you plan content that stands out. 

To prepare for 2019, marketers should:

  1. Take an Omnichannel Approach
  2. Get Ready for Voice Search
  3. Stand Out in an Increasingly Crowded Environment

After, we offer some tips to help your 2019 content get noticed, such as publishing videos or podcasts. 

Finally, we offer some advice for balancing current trends with time-proven strategies and evergreen content.

1. Take an Omnichannel Approach

An “omnichannel” approach means that all your marketing channels integrate with each other to offer a seamless experience for users. 

Omnichannel means that whether your customers are shopping on a desktop computer, mobile device, or in a brick-and-mortar store, the experience will be smooth and connected.

For example, once you’ve booked a trip with Disney, you can plan your entire trip with the My Disney Experience tool. 

Omnichannel marketing Disney example

The Disney app helps plan activities like dining and arranging your FastPass for park rides. 

Once inside the Disney park, you can use the app to find attractions or learn what the estimated wait times are for rides.

Disney offers a more sophisticated experience for users with a MagicBand wrist bracelet

Visitors wearing the bracelet can check in at park entrances and FastPass attractions, unlock their hotel room doors, charge food to their Disney hotel rooms, and more.

In 2019, expect content marketing to work more closely with other types of marketing to support the customer experience. 

Prepare to expand your mindset to create content that lives beyond social media and the blogosphere, especially when it comes to the most obvious categories of product and brand support.

2. Get Ready for Voice Search

In a recent LinkedIn video, marketer Neil Patel stresses the importance of preparing for voice searches. By 2020, he says that ComScore estimates half of all Google searches will be voice searches instead of text.  

Neil Patel screenshot

According to Patel, voice searches tend to be phrased longer and contain more questions. Long-tail keyword research tools are currently based on a history of text inquiries, so most won’t help you with voice search keywords. 

To optimize for voice search:

  • Think about how your audience might speak when posing questions. 
  • Keep your answers brief and to-the-point.
  • Try a tool like AnswerThePublic to learn how keywords can translate to questions.

Voice search should be a priority topic for all marketers to follow in 2019, as it’s expected to pick up its usage rapidly. Watch for tips from top marketers and new tools to help you predict the best keyword phrases for voice search.

3. Stand Out in an Increasingly Crowded Environment

The content marketing landscape changed in 2018. Companies sought new ways for their content to stand out among the ever-increasing competition. 

Moon observed changes at Content Marketing World, one of the largest gatherings of content marketing professionals in the world. "I think the biggest focus at Content Marketing World this year was what companies can do as a differentiating factor for their brand," Moon said.  

Content Marketing World screenshot

In an article for INC Magazine, Moon explains that conversations at the convention leaned away from copying others and into new ways of creating unique content.

Tips to Help Your 2019 Content Stand Out in the Crowd

Below are some of the ways content marketers can help their content stand out in the new marketing landscape of 2019.

  • Publish a lot of videos

Look for ways to enhance other types of media such as blog and social media posts with video. 

  • Create podcasts to reach higher-income audiences 

Podcasting is growing in popularity, and if your buyer personas include higher-income families, then consider including podcasting in your content marketing strategy.

A recent study found that:

  • 40% of Americans have listened to a podcast.
  • 56% of the people listening to podcasts are men.
  • 45% of podcast listeners have a household income of over $75,000 a year.

Podcasts are convenient for busy people because they can listen while driving to work or taking care of household chores.

  • Continue to promote your content through SEO

SEO will continue to be a priority in 2019 because your content has to get seen to be effective. 

Focusing solely on keywords isn’t enough to get your content to the first page of Google search results.

In addition to keyword-based topics, plan your content around topic clusters. 

Topic clusters are a collection of content that supports a central theme and internally links to itself topic cluster linking approach.

  • Combine data analytics with great storytelling

Create highly-engaging stories that prove their point with current data. 

Go to great lengths to track down authentic, current data and ensure that you’re not offering up misleading statistics from 5-year-old surveys.

  • Create unique topics that anticipate your readers’ needs 

Don’t become such a slave to SEO keywords that you miss out on providing content that serves your audience well. 

Unique content might include product-specific information or industry-related information that addresses your audience’s specific age group, gender, or interest group.

Balance Your Approach Between Trends and Tried-And-True

Successful marketers and writers understand the importance of differentiating trends like the ones above from evergreen strategies such as publishing content for a target audience or creating well-written quality content. 

Adjusting to trends is crucial for any businesses wishing to compete in the current marketplace.

For example, marketer Neil Patel insists you must create more videos in 2019. 

Another Forbes writer claims that continued long-form content (content over 2,000 words) is essential for SEO. 

One article might tell you that content is dead while another claims you’ll be held to higher standards than ever before.

Balancing between trends is important because once a trend becomes commonplace, it often switches direction or falls off completely. As always, marketers should prepare for trends to change, vanish, or adjust throughout the course of the year.

Change is the only constant item you can expect from year to year. When planning content around 2019 trends, ask yourself: What would happen if any of these trends become unpopular halfway through the year? Would your content remain valuable, or might changes render it obsolete? 

For example, many brands jumped on the “pivot to video” trend in 2016, meaning they abandoned written content for a video-only approach. Not long after, they learned that audiences want both, despite video’s popularity and statistics. 

Many publications laid off their writing staff to make way for a video-only approach. Risking it all on the “pivot to video” trend caused the failure of many media companies such as Mic publishing, who invested too much in a trend that failed.

Discover why brands need authentic content marketing.

Step Up Your Creativity in 2019, But Trend Carefully

2019 will see the popularity of omnichannel marketing and voice search rise, and brands will need to meet these trends with innovative, unique content that sets them apart from the crowd.

While it’s important to invest in current content trends, it’s vital that content marketers continue to build on a solid foundation of quality content aimed at target audiences. 

Also, remember to incorporate evergreen content into your 2019 content planning. Publish content that can be updated, reused, and republished no matter what trends fall in and out of favor with your audience.

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