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Wight Visuals is a design agency based in Lviv, Ukraine with more than two professionals. Since their founding in 2016, they have offered video production and graphic design solutions to small and mid-market firms in the fields of gaming, arts, and IT services.

Client Insights

Industry Expertise



Information technology


Arts, entertainment & music


Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 70%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 30%

Common Project Size

<$10K 1 project


  • Streamlabs

Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

3 Reviews

Wight Visuals collaborated with a live streaming tool platform to enhance its asset library. The project aimed to provide animated graphics that would attract higher user acquisition. Wight Visuals was proactive and responsive, consistently bringing fresh ideas to the table. The collaboration began in April 2018 and is still ongoing, with an investment of around $18,000. The art director of the software company praised the team at Wight Visuals for their innovative approach and their ability to act as consultants.

The company also worked with a travel guide mobile app, providing a range of design services including an explainer video, UI animations, and illustrations for the onboarding process. The explainer video was a key project aimed to optimize the homepage. Wight Visuals successfully created the 40-60 second explainer video, incorporating transition animations and finding a suitable jingle. They also created UI animations with voice messaging and provided five illustrations for the onboarding process. The head of design praised the smooth communication and the quality of the results delivered by Wight Visuals.

Lastly, Wight Visuals partnered with a San Francisco-based fintech startup for an animated video project. The goal was to produce a catchy video highlighting the features of the company's investment app, to be published on their website and social media. The company selected Wight Visuals from a list of nine options, impressed by their thoughtful ideas and helpful demeanor. The team worked swiftly, providing updates and receiving feedback efficiently. The growth lead of the fintech startup commended Wight Visuals for their organized approach and receptiveness to ideas, noting their willingness to assist even after project completion.



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