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Webabstract is a UI/UX design agency founded in 2015. They are based in Budapest, Hungary, and have an 11 member team of designers and developers providing robust, comprehensive user experience solutions to a large client base of both domestic and international brands. They have an extensive track record of client success in their primary focuses: UI/UX design and web design.

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<$10K 3 projects

$10K-$49K 2 projects


  • Ericsson
  • Erste
  • FoxTransfer
  • PhotoWarp

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Webabstract worked with a tennis program management and scheduling software provider to streamline and digitize their booking process. The company had four different user roles and faced challenges maintaining flexibility for system customization. Webabstract was tasked with creating a functional structure and designing different user interfaces for each role. In addition, they helped the company prioritize its goals and generate unexpected insights through user research and testing. Their team is currently considering using React Native for development. The cost of the design work is around $20,000, with development still underway.

In another project, Webabstract was hired by a real estate company to create an attractive, user-friendly, and conversion-oriented website. The primary goal was to design landing pages for the site that would guide users and convert them into customers. Webabstract was also responsible for coding these pages in a .NET environment. The project, which cost around $6,000, was completed in a span of six weeks.

Webabstract also collaborated with a B2B information-services company in the Hungarian domestic market to redesign their website. The main challenge was to create a site that served as a professional database, a news feed for changes in Hungarian tax laws, and an online advisory service. Webabstract conducted customer interviews, identified the most important features for the target group, and designed all the wireframes. They also provided key parts of the UI and organized design workshops for the company's junior designer. The project, which cost around $10,000, was completed in four months.



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