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ValutionX is a freelance digital agency founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2019. They specialize in digital strategy, video production, and social media marketing solutions for small businesses in the fields of advertising, manufacturing, and automotive services.

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ValutionX was hired by a Bulgarian company specializing in the production of spare parts and metal parts for a renewable energy project. The company was facing high electricity costs due to its location in an industrial area where electricity was supplied at premium prices by a private contractor. The challenge was to identify and implement a cost-effective, renewable energy source. ValutionX was tasked with developing a strategy to integrate solar panels into the facility to reduce electricity costs. The goal was for the project to be completed quickly and for the solar panels to pay for themselves in the shortest possible time.

ValutionX worked closely with the company to understand its needs, conducting research to determine the most efficient renewable energy source. They concluded that solar energy was the best fit, offering higher efficiency than other alternatives such as wind turbines. The team of four from ValutionX handled the entire project, from strategy and vision to identifying suitable locations for the solar panels within the company's extensive premises. They also took charge of sourcing a reliable company to deliver and install the panels and dealing with all necessary legal and government paperwork.

The project was successful, with ValutionX demonstrating their expertise and commitment throughout. They were responsive and able to answer all questions that arose during the project. The solar panels have effectively reduced the company's reliance on expensive electricity from the private contractor, meeting the project's primary goal. The company was pleased with ValutionX's service and the results of the project.



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