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Treetop Growth Strategy is a content marketing company launched in 2016. Their small team is in Chicago, Illinois and , and focuses on content marketing, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, other digital marketing, and more.

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$200K-$999K 1 project


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Treetop Growth Strategy was hired by a wellness tech company for their expertise in marketing and lead generation. The firm worked on improving the company's overall marketing strategy, primarily focusing on email marketing, content marketing, and lead generation. They also handled the creation of content and a content calendar, and they managed to generate leads through Facebook and Instagram. The engagement, which lasted from January 2017 to July 2018, involved an investment of around $10,000 to $15,000 per month.

A digital strategy and transformation agency contracted Treetop Growth Strategy to conduct a technical build of a website on the HubSpot CMS platform. Treetop was tasked to implement the design and strategy developed by the agency's team. The website required deep integration with HubSpot CMS, a platform Treetop was well-experienced in. The project, which also involved complex animations and visual flourishes, spanned from February to November 2022. The agency spent $30,200 on Treetop’s services.

GymGO, a company offering a CRM for fitness studios, hired Treetop Growth Strategy to develop a go-to-market sales strategy and a long-term sales program. Treetop's role included creating material and talk tracks for a product launch at a San Diego trade show, and helping define employee roles for an efficient sales pipeline. The project resulted in a significant increase in daily demos and a reduction in customer acquisition costs. The main point of contact was Bill, the owner of Treetop.



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