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Established in 2012, Southleft is a website development company. The small team offers web development, e-commerce development, web design, ux/ui design, and more. The company is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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$10K-$49K 3 projects

<$10K 1 project

$50K-$199K 1 project


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Southleft was hired by G&A, a company specializing in experience design and creative strategy, to integrate Paycom into their existing website design. The challenge was to ensure the integration while preserving the website's overall look and feel. After being referred to Southleft and being impressed by the company's high ratings, budget-friendly pricing, and aligned values, G&A decided to work with them. Southleft assigned 2-5 employees to the project who successfully integrated the functionality needed by G&A while maintaining the website's aesthetics.

Somewear Labs, a company offering critical communication services, worked with Southleft for a website redesign and development project. The objective was to create a more user-friendly interface, allowing the marketing team to easily manage the site. Southleft was chosen due to its high ratings, affordability, cultural fit, and proven track record. The team of 2-5 employees from Southleft developed a custom WordPress website with reusable components and customized functionality. They also integrated Somewear's Shopify storefront, ensuring a seamless checkout experience. Post-project, Southleft continued to offer maintenance and minor improvement services to Somewear Labs.

Sara Soueidan, a front-end web development and training company, hired Southleft to set up the back-end infrastructure for team packages and enable enrollees to track progress through course chapters. Having worked with Southleft previously, the company trusted its ability to deliver on the project's requirements. Southleft assigned 2-5 employees to the project, who successfully set up the back-end infrastructure and provided front-end code for marking course chapters as complete, meeting the project's objectives.



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