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Smart Cuts Ltd is a creative production agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The agency, founded in 2009, has a team of around ten that provides video production, advertising, content marketing, corporate photography, and graphic design services to various companies. 

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Smart Cuts Ltd. was hired by Nespresso's global HQ to produce a series of internal videos for their employees. The videos ranged from interviews with the CEO to employee features. The goal of the project was to increase employee understanding of strategic goals and objectives, and to boost employee engagement and understanding of the range of products. The selection of Smart Cuts Ltd. was based on the previous professional relationship between the Global Lead of Nespresso and Lucas Chambers, the founder of Smart Cuts Ltd. The project was a success, with Smart Cuts Ltd. demonstrating a high level of professionalism and responsiveness throughout the process.

In another project, Smart Cuts Ltd. was engaged by Nespresso's sensory department to produce a promotional video for an internal competition. The challenge was to create a captivating video under 60 seconds to encourage more employee participation. Smart Cuts Ltd. was recommended by a local agency and was selected for their reasonable pricing and quality service. The project, which ran for 3-4 years, involved creating a short video and teasers to launch the event. The project was successful, with Smart Cuts Ltd. delivering a high-quality video that met Nespresso's requirements. The engagement ended in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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