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Silyal is a social media marketing agency founded in 2019. Their small team is in Casper, Wyoming; London, Canada and Karachi, Pakistan. The company offers social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, and more.

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Silyal was hired by Valueversity, an organization dedicated to promoting universal values through various educational and communication tools, to manage their social media and develop their website. The specific objectives of this project included the incorporation of multilingual features and a book reading option on the website. Valueversity found Silyal through an online search and a referral, choosing them over other options due to their budget-friendly pricing, cultural fit, and good value for cost. Silyal assigned 2-5 employees to this project. The scope of work was extensive and involved turning Valueversity's written content into videos and eBooks, managing their social media platforms, and enabling users to read eBooks directly on the website. The project was challenging, as it required juggling different content formats and reaching a global audience. Despite the complexities, Silyal successfully met the project's objectives, delivering a user-friendly, multilingual website with a book reading feature, and effectively managing Valueversity's social media platforms.



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