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Select Creatives is a web design agency based in , United Arab Emirates. The company specializes in web design, ux/ui design, web development, mobile app development, and more and has a small team.The company was founded in 2020.

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Small Business (<$10M) 100%

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<$10K 3 projects

$10K-$49K 3 projects


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Select Creatives was engaged by Nomads Hotel in Jordan to develop their hotel website. The project was initiated with a concept provided by the hotel, which was then reviewed and implemented by Select Creatives. The project lasted from June to July 2022, during which the company also agreed to provide maintenance services for a year. The project was completed successfully at a cost of 7,000 dirhams (approximately $2,000 USD).

Select Creatives partnered with Designs Inspired, a company that specializes in computer-generated imagery and 3D designs, to create a specific animation for an event for people with mental health disabilities. The project, which was completed in August 2020, involved the creation of drafts and storyboards using Adobe After Effects and other associated software. The project was a success and was completed within the budget of $1,500, leading to an ongoing partnership between the two companies.

The company was also hired by Prime Event Oy, an event marketing consultancy, to develop a sophisticated online and real-time platform for measuring event results. The project was initiated after a Nordic IT company failed to meet the project's demands. Select Creatives was able to successfully deliver on the project's requirements which included UI/UX development, landing page creation, dashboard planning and execution, metrics and functionality programming, and report generation. The project was handled by one contact person from Select Creatives who took care of all issues and aspects from the inception to the completion of the project.



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