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SEO services firm Rhema Marketing, LLC is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The small firm was established in 2009. Their services include search engine optimization, content marketing, other digital marketing, digital strategy, and more.

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Rhema Marketing, LLC successfully performed web development and SEO services for Attentive Care Service Agency, a home care service company. The project involved updating the company’s website, including backlinking efforts, and providing SEO services. Rhema Marketing, LLC also offered business consulting to help the company obtain initial licensing and documentation. The engagement, which started in May 2018, is ongoing and has cost around $7,000. The Agency’s administrator worked directly with two members of Rhema Marketing, LLC, including its President, Bob.

Rhema Marketing, LLC was tasked with the development and launch of a fully-functioning website for Jennifer Johnson & Associates, a nursing firm specializing in legal consultation on medical issues. The project involved web development, content marketing, market research, and SEO services. Furthermore, Rhema Marketing, LLC developed an app to enable associates to sign up for the firm’s programs and services. The project, which cost an undisclosed amount, took place from May to June 2019. The firm’s owner and founder worked directly with Bob, the President of Rhema Marketing, LLC.

Night Owl Vegan, a vegan business, hired Rhema Marketing, LLC to correct an incorrect update to its ecommerce website. The scope of the project included updating SEO and improving the aesthetic appeal of the website. The CEO of Night Owl Vegan, who has been working with Rhema Marketing, LLC for six years, showed full trust in their work due to their outstanding results. The CEO worked directly with Mr. Coleman, a representative of Rhema Marketing, LLC, throughout the project. The cost and duration of this project were not disclosed.



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