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Based in Ahmedabad, India, Refraxon is an UX design agency. The small company was established in 2023. Their services include ux/ui design, e-commerce development, web development, and mobile app development.

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Refraxon was hired by the EdTech Society, an Indian professional association dedicated to the use of educational technologies, to improve the user experience and usability of their platform. The team from Refraxon, consisting of 2-5 employees, began by conducting analytics research and creating user personas. Their key deliverables included a redesigned user interface for all pages, including the membership and checkout processes. The client found Refraxon through a referral and chose them based on this recommendation.

For Clifford Automation Private Limited, a company specializing in various domains such as the manufacturing industry, industrial automation, and industrial internet of things, Refraxon was tasked with designing a mobile application that could display a large amount of information in a concise and user-friendly manner. The team from Refraxon, again consisting of 2-5 employees, undertook a thorough process including understanding the application from the company's perspective, knowing the users/customers, conducting market research and competitor analysis, optimizing user flow, selecting the theme and design based on modern design principles, and organizing screens for concise information display. The key deliverables included a competitor analysis document, user flow document, logo and icons for the app, and a design file for the app developer. The client found Refraxon through a referral and selected them due to their pricing, culture fit, and company values.

Refraxon was also hired by Brainiac Healthcare Private Limited, a company specializing in manufacturing respiratory CO2 monitoring devices for doctors, to enhance the user experience and user interface design of their website. The goal was to establish trust and improve the website's role in the sales funnel. The Refraxon team, composed of 2-5 employees, was tasked with creating a data-driven UX/UI design for the website that would effectively target anesthesiologists and promote the use of their CO2 monitoring devices. The client found Refraxon through a referral and selected them due to their proximity, culture fit, good value for cost, and alignment with company values.



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