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Performia is an HR company that was founded in 2001. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, they have additional offices in various other countries: Sweden, Czech Republic, Colombia, China, Costa Rica and Slovakia. The team is composed of 43 employees who specialize in HR consulting, outsourcing, and business consulting. 

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Industry Expertise

Business services


Consumer products & services


Financial services


Information technology


Other industries


Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 65%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 30%

Enterprise (>$1B) 5%

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Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

3 Reviews

Performia was engaged by a construction company to improve the recruitment process after hiring employees that were not suitable for the company's goals. The team provided recruitment training, guidance, and support, starting from face-to-face communication then transitioning to online. The client was satisfied with Performia's work, stating that their training program and testing system greatly improved their recruitment process.

Performia worked with an Australian fast food chain to provide consulting services during the selection of franchisee and store manager candidates. The team aimed to identify candidates that were reliable, culturally fit, productive, and committed for the long term. The client reported that Performia's candidate screening services effectively mitigated the risk of hiring the wrong person, thereby saving the company from the high cost of hiring and training unsuitable candidates.

A $15-million air conditioning installation and construction company hired Performia to support their recruitment efforts. The team provided a screening service that generates accurate personality profiles of potential hires, enabling the company to better understand their behaviour, execution style and interaction with others. The client praised Performia for detecting people with bad intentions and eliminating potential shock factors. With the system, they were able to build a database of potential candidates, which proved helpful due to the high turnover rate in the construction industry. The client also appreciated that Performia offered different types of services and training, and their unlimited support.



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