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Palark is a IT managed services company. Launched in 2022, the firm is in Ulm, Germany. The small team provides IT managed services, cloud consulting & SI, and cybersecurity.

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Palark successfully delivered software development and implementation for Loona, a sleep app company. The project aimed to transition from production running on EC2 instances to a full-fledged Kubernetes cluster, improve the CI/CD deploy process, achieve better ops metrics, and reduce developer overhead on release and configuration management. Palark deployed a fault-tolerant Kubernetes cluster, running the application smoothly with essential monitoring and backups. The team also provided a fully automated and convenient CI/CD pipeline for easy and fast changes to production.

In another project, Palark provided cloud consulting and cybersecurity for Monite, a financial services company. The project involved end-to-end infrastructure management and knowledge sharing. Palark established multiple fault-tolerant Kubernetes clusters across various regions to host the application. They integrated crucial components such as monitoring and backups for uninterrupted performance. They also provided a seamless and automated CI/CD pipeline with a customized release manager, enabling rapid deployment of modifications to the production environment.

For G-Plans, a health technology company, Palark provided IT consulting and system integration. The project aimed at building reliable infrastructure that can grow and withstand high peak loads, reducing time to market, providing guaranteed day-and-night support for all business-critical endpoints, and helping developers master new tools. Palark helped develop and deploy applications in different independent environments with minimal effort, drastically optimized application building, and significantly improved observability. The collaboration with Palark led to faster feature delivery and quick team scaling.



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