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Flow Studio is a web and mobile app development company headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia. Founded in 2018, they have about 4 employees who also provide UX/UI design services.

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$10K-$49K 7 projects

$50K-$199K 1 project


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Outloud successfully completed a mobile app development project for StudyShep, a learning management company. The CEO of StudyShep hired Outloud to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of their new learning tool. The project was completed by a team of 2-5 employees who guided the product from its initial wireframes to the deployment of a robust web application. The MVP developed included many robust features. Outloud was chosen over other firms due to their high ratings, great culture fit, good value for cost, and the alignment of company values.

In another project, Outloud worked with a podcasting startup to assist in branding, web development, and mobile app design. The executive of the podcasting application hired Outloud to design their entire branding, including their logo, and to design and develop their website. Additionally, Outloud helped design the iOS and Android mobile apps. The project also involved the design of several screens for the development team to implement. The engagement, which cost around $15,000, lasted from April 2021 to January 2022.

Outloud also completed a web development project for Bayswater Education, a company that aims to bridge the skills gap for Gen Z. The Managing Director of Bayswater Education hired Outloud to launch a new website. The project was executed by a team of 2-5 employees and involved a rebranding in 2022. The new website was designed to reflect the new brand and promote Bayswater's broader portfolio of courses and international destinations. Outloud was chosen for their high ratings, great culture fit, and good value for cost.



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