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OTAKUS is a small video production agency in Zürich, Switzerland and New York, New York. Their services include video production, content marketing, advertising, and corporate photography.

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OTAKUS completed a video production project for a startup focusing on vital data analytics. This startup, on the verge of market entry, required a specialized video to communicate the benefits of their product, a device capturing ECG, HRV, and BPM. OTAKUS developed a script, managed copyrighting, sound recording, location scouting, and coordinated the selection of an athlete for the video. The final product was completed in July 2021, following a two-day shoot in Davos, Switzerland. The project cost approximately $27,000 USD and successfully presented the startup's product in a favorable and informative light.

In June 2021, OTAKUS collaborated with a broadcast media company to create a sequence for a documentary. The OTAKUS team was given a detailed brief, after which they used their own high-end equipment to film the necessary content. The raw footage was sent back to the media company for inclusion in their documentary. The company found OTAKUS through their work displayed on Vimeo and chose them for their high-quality production capabilities.

OTAKUS undertook a film production project for Sehfeld Film, a Swiss production company. The OTAKUS team, led by CEO Xaver, was responsible for the conception, direction, and editing of two 90-second films for a Swiss tourism company. The project, which started in April 2019 and is still ongoing, involved filming at famous touristic locations in Switzerland and producing the soundtrack in a studio. The project has cost approximately $165,000 USD so far and has been praised for its passionate and effective teamwork.



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