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Founded in 2023, Opstergo is a cloud consulting & SI company. The small Zagreb, Croatia-based team specializes in cloud consulting & SI, devops managed services, and cybersecurity.

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Opstergo was hired by JayOne, a community provider for students working abroad in the USA, to optimize their cloud usage. The project involved refactoring CI/CD, implementing IaC, logging, monitoring, improving Kubernetes, and optimizing cloud costs, posture, and security. Opstergo successfully automated the deployment processes, reduced the development cycle, and streamlined the management of cloud resources. They also implemented advanced monitoring tools and improved the microservice architecture through expert Kubernetes management. The client was highly satisfied with the results and the value for money that Opstergo provided.

In another project, Opstergo worked with a leading supplier of warehouse equipment to migrate their legacy infrastructure to Kubernetes. The project involved designing GitOps, IaC, and CI/CD solutions for migrating over 600 legacy servers and architecting cloud solutions for a hybrid cloud. Opstergo successfully migrated the client's application and a large amount of data to the new environment, designed IaaC Terraform solutions, and created GitOps and CI/CD solutions to support the new Kubernetes environment. The client was impressed with Opstergo's expertise in GCP and Azure clouds and their ability to streamline deployment processes.

Opstergo was also engaged by a technology firm to implement Kubernetes best practices and redesign their GCP cloud services architecture. The project involved implementing IaC best practices with Pulumi, hardening the GCP cloud infrastructure, kickstarting a SOC2 initiative, and implementing a Zero Trust solution with Twingate. Opstergo successfully overhauled the client's cloud infrastructure for better scalability and security, implemented streamlined DevOps practices, and conducted a cloud redesign. They also assisted in implementing IaC best practices with Pulumi, redesigned the approach to Kubernetes, and implemented a ZeroTrust solution with Twingate. The client appreciated Opstergo's ability to increase their business efficiency and revenue.



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