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OCTAGT is a development firm. Their team of around 5 employees is based in Guatemala. They focus on custom software, web, and mobile app development, primarily for the IT industry.

Client Insights

Industry Expertise

Information technology






Other industries


Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 90%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 10%

Common Project Size

$10K-$49K 2 projects

$50K-$199K 1 project


  • Atum Corporation

Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

3 Reviews

OCTAGT completed a .Net development project for Atem Corporation's new product, Dynamix GP 365. They were hired to develop the frontend of the web portal, which is a centralized hub for customers to access services. The project also included deploying the application to the Asha Cloud, managing customer security, and creating a login registration process. The team consisted of a CEO, Erick, and two developers. The project was completed within the set budget of $13,000 and was carried out from May to August 2019.

In another project, OCTAGT developed a mobile application for a technology consulting company, Lutorio LLC. The app, designed to meet the high demand for booking apps during the pandemic, features a directory listing, customizable templates, and real-time booking functionality. The project team comprised of an architect, a project manager, two backend engineers, a web frontend engineer, a mobile frontend engineer, and a QA. Erick S., known for his deep technology knowledge and excellent customer service, led the team. The app was built using AWS tools and Angular material.

OCTAGT also worked on a web application development project for IBrunch Restaurants. They developed a web application and a tablet application to control operations in two restaurants. The tablet application managed everything from orders to payments. OCTAGT's team of 2 engineers and 2 programmers delivered the project, which started with presenting the project to OCTA, developing the PC application, and the tablet application, and ended with creating the communication interface for robots.



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