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Nura Creative is a digital media agency based out of Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2019 and with a team of about 5 employees, they offer content marketing, branding, digital strategy, and more to mid-sized businesses across advertising, e-commerce, and consumer products industries. 

Client Insights

Industry Expertise

Consumer products & services




Advertising & marketing




Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 30%

Midmarket ($10M - $1B) 70%

Common Project Size

<$10K 2 projects


  • Monte & Coe

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2 Reviews

Nura Creative was hired by Kron Technologies, a high speed camera manufacturer, to create brand-oriented product shots and showcase videos. The purpose of this project was to revitalize the company's branded content across its website, social media, and monthly newsletters. Nura Creative's team, led by Ed and Sargon, was tasked with the shooting and editing of the content. The project, which was initiated with a series of introductory calls and a detailed Google sheet of ideas, resulted in 26 still photos, one showcase video, and eight additional Instagram promo stills within a month.

Monte & Coe, a luxury travel essentials brand, engaged Nura Creative for the execution of product shots for new wallet, passport holder and travel accessories. They also produced branded stop motion videos aiming to enhance the brand image and to generate more engaging content for social media marketing and content marketing strategies. Nura Creative, led by Ed, worked closely with Monte & Coe, from the initial discovery call to the execution of over 50 shots, including still photos and stop motion videos. The project was deemed successful, with Nura Creative being lauded for their professionalism, flexibility, and willingness to try new ideas.



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