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Mobiuso is a mobile app and web development firm based out of Mumbai, India. It was founded in 2012 and has 40 employees. They offer mobile app development, web development, and custom software development services. 

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Mobiuso was hired by Zikto and Insureum, a health and wellness company, to maintain their server and client for their wearable device application. The main goal was to eliminate and refactor complex legacy code to ensure data integrity and system performance. The project involved identifying and fixing a bug that was causing a discrepancy between the wearable device's data and the server. Mobiuso was recommended by a Korean startup accelerating organization and the collaboration resulted in a successful bug fix and the creation of a test site for a live service.

For the CloudLink project, Skyscape, a leading medical publisher in the US, engaged Mobiuso to convert their content into a new format and embed it into the workflow of a clinician using an electronic health record (EHR). The goal was to demonstrate the CloudLink capability to a leading ambulatory care EHR company in the US for potential inclusion in their software. Mobiuso provided content transformation, web development, and multiplatform prototyping services for the project. The team was composed of a project manager, three programmers, one main web programmer, two content transformation specialists, and a QA team of two. The project was successfully completed and delivered as per the requirements.

Mobiuso was approached by a company providing tablet technology to patients in hospitals for QA and UX design of their solution. The goal was to improve the UX and leverage the best possible technologies in tablet software, particularly tablet security, to offer a user-friendly experience for patients and hospitals. Mobiuso assisted in providing a highly secure and adaptable UX in the medical care environment, worked on the stability of the overall solution, and implemented admin capabilities. They ensured high availability and scalability by deploying on a well-known cloud service. The engagement started in July 2016 and is ongoing, with Mobiuso continuing to enhance and maintain the solution.



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