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Mobiteam is an IT company based in Berlin. Since 2014, their small team of 8 has been specializing in web design and development, mobile app development, and UX/UI design for primarily small businesses in the e-commerce, business services and advertising & marketing industries. 

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Industry Expertise

Advertising & marketing


Business services










Client Size Distribution

Small Business (<$10M) 100%

Common Project Size

$10K-$49K 3 projects

<$10K 2 projects

$50K-$199K 2 projects


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Highlights from Recent Projects

Overall Rating

7 Reviews

Mobiteam GmbH was hired by a marketing agency to build a complex website for one of their clients and later to assist with coding updates. The website featured 3D rendering and interactive areas for specific imagery, text, and overlays. The project was managed by a single point of contact from the Mobiteam side. The marketing agency was impressed with the work done by Mobiteam and continues to reach out to them for code updates, as they are most familiar with the website.

A business consulting agency based in Berlin hired Mobiteam to create a corporate website from scratch. The agency wanted a futuristic, solid design with their corporate colors of black and white. Mobiteam also helped them decide on the best CMS for their website and are still working on adding a booking option. The project was managed by Mobiteam's CEO, with a team of designers and developers also involved. The agency was satisfied with Mobiteam's work, appreciating their understanding of their needs and their top-level business consulting.

Mobiteam was hired by the founder and CEO of a mobile fitness app called Bright Spike for full web and mobile development. The goal of the app was to make workout routines more accessible for busy people. Despite the lack of initial planning, Mobiteam led both the front-end design and back-end development based on a few drawings provided by the client. They also created a landing page website for the app. The team is currently working to integrate the app with the Apple Watch and implement e-commerce capabilities for the website. The client interacted with six people from the Mobiteam team, including the CEO, CTO, a senior sales engineer, two developers, and a designer. The client was pleased with Mobiteam's work, noting their flexibility and dedication to the project.



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