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Matt Edward SEO, a SEO company, was established in 2022. Their small team is in Calgary, Canada. The firm offers search engine optimization and web design.

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Matt Edward SEO was hired by Black Owl Systems, an advanced lease accounting software company, to develop a new website optimized for SEO and user experience, deploy an ongoing SEO plan, and manage the company's digital marketing plan. The team at Matt Edward SEO was chosen for their high ratings, budget-friendly pricing, company culture, and value for cost. The project involved website development, SEO optimization, and SEO program initiation. The website was custom designed with a responsive layout for various devices and user-friendly navigation. SEO optimization included keyword research, on-page optimization, technical improvements, and a content creation strategy. The SEO program initiation involved an initial audit, a content marketing plan, a link-building strategy, and regular reporting for performance tracking. The project was successfully executed by a single employee from Matt Edward SEO.



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