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Founded in 2002, Masterplans is a writing services provider that's based in Portland. Their team of 15+ delivers market research, branding, and other marketing services. 

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Masterplans was contracted by the founder of an aviation maintenance company to develop a business plan for a new venture, an aviation maintenance school. The client was facing a major challenge after a key customer breached a contract, resulting in the imminent closure of his business. Masterplans, having successfully delivered business plans for two previous projects, was chosen due to the client's trust in their expertise. The team at Masterplans provided personalized service, seeking to understand every detail of the business. They offered guidance and mentorship and worked on drafting a comprehensive business plan that included fundraising strategies. Despite the current business plan being incomplete due to a need for more data, the client expressed satisfaction with the 90% completion and ongoing research efforts by Masterplans.

The client expressed deep satisfaction with Masterplans' involvement in his business. He noted that their dedication to understanding his business and their personalized service were the company's greatest strengths. The client also emphasized that Masterplans' guidance and mentorship were provided at no extra charge. Despite not following the business plan for a previous venture and losing a substantial amount of money, the client expressed confidence that if he had adhered to Masterplans’ advice, he would've been very successful. The client appreciated the questionnaire and the interview process that Masterplans used to grasp his vision. Masterplans was also commended for going above and beyond to assist in data collection for the current plan. The client looks forward to providing the necessary information to finalize the current business plan.



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